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Black or White - Prologue

Title: Black or White -  Prologue
Author: [info]tensaibaka
Pairing: Sakumiya, Ohba, hint of Sakuraiba
Genre:  Comedy, Romance
Rating: R
Summary:It started with a case that ended with hatred.  When he said revenge, he meant it. However, he didn't realized it was all about this. Sakurai Sho, all ready to get his life ruined by Aiba Masaki. 
A/N : A direct sequel from "Smooth Criminal". Word count : 2410


It was after lunch, yet no one back to their position. Soft groaning and giggles filled the empty office, together with the sound of skins flapping against each other and the squeaky sound of the sofa . All of these were coming behind the closed door of the meeting room.

“uh… To the left… oh gosh!”

“You are so noisy, Nino…” he pounded hard at the sweet spot.

The single movement sent Nino to his peak. The other man wasn’t doing well too; with Nino’s muscle tensing up around his and lovely moans teasing his body. With just a few thrust, Nino buckled up and released his fluid in the condom, and the other man spurted out right after him. They looked at each other with beats of sweat rolled down their face. The session lasted for 30 minutes.

“Bitch…” the man kissed his lips again.

“Even you have your dick in me, that doesn’t make me a girl,” Nino smiled as he withdrew himself out slowly. He then pulled his filled condom out and threw it away in the basket. “Aren't you getting that off too?”

The man looked at his condom, and back to Nino. “I figure out that we could at least have another round since it’s not filled.”

Nino got back to the sofa and crawled to his crotch. He gave it light poke and whispered, “Right now, I am in still in pain. We will just do it later in the night…”

The man laughed as he brought Nino back for another kiss. Nino really had a strange character, the man thought. He remembered it was him who initiated this after lunch sex and suggested to go for at least 2 rounds.

Nino sat with his legs crossed and reached out for his cigarette pack, and lit the last one for him.

“Don’t you think our cases are getting lesser these few days? Sho, don’t you think this is a little suspicious?”

“Suspicious? I don’t see anything suspicious about it.” Sho took cigarette and sucked a mouthful of it. “You are smoking too much, Nino”

Nino climbed on Sho for the cigarette and inhaled a mouth of it, before exhaled it out. They took turns to take a puff, and Sho was willing “feeding” Nino with each puff. The cigarette was half way done when they started kissing, sucking air from each other. They were all ready for round 2 when the phone rang. It rang for 4 times and it stopped. And then rang again, this time longer.

Sho won’t want to pick up the phone. It spoiled their mood, and he hated that when he got all high again. “Don’t pick it up...”

While Nino, being a money-minded person, thought that it must be a customer calling. “I’m still going to pick it up. Our income come from them!” he jumped down from Sho’s lap.

“5 minutes, I mean it…” Sho snorted, and made sure he did squeezed that little man’s bouncy butt. He just don’t like his own, it’s feel like hard, solid hard.

Sho finished the cigarette by the time Nino got back. Nino told him that they had a client coming in within 15 minutes.

“It means we’ve 10 minutes for a round 2 and 5 minutes for clearing up…” he hugged Nino at his back, and giving pecks on his neck.

He pushed Sho away, and picked up his pants. “As much as you love to plan your schedule…” Nino wore his white pants up and putting his shirt on. “But I’m gonna stop you.. SO GO AND CLEAR THE MESS YOU MADE” Nino raised his voice at Sho and went out to his table for some documents later.

Isn’t this your mess too…


“We’ll try our best.“ Nino slid the paper to the lady sitting opposite here. “We will need you to sign here.”

The lady hesitated yet she signed the paper. Sho, who was beside Nino, noticed it. “Will you be able to find out?”

Sho answered, “Given from your information, it will be a little challenging. But we will do our best.”


“It’s our job.” Nino smiled as he took the paper and read it. “We will start once we receive your money.”

“I’m willing to give you more money if it helps.”

“That’s great—“

Sho elbowed Nino on the chest and he rolled his eyes. “No thank you. We treat all our client all equal.”

The lady stood up and bowed. “Please, if you found any information, give me a call.”

The two men stood up too and led her to the exit. They bowed slightly and sent her off at the door before going back to their own working desk.

“She is filthy rich!” Nino exclaimed.

“We aren’t like company who does their job for the sake of money, Nino!” Sho went back to the meeting room to grab something he left there but surprised to saw a scarf on the sofa. “She must have forgotten this…”

He took the scarf and told Nino about it, before heading down to chase after that lady. Sho was downstairs within few minutes when she saw the lady walking alone on the empty pathway. Just before he could reached her, a man from nowhere approached her. The lady looked at the man and nodded her head. She then follow him to the building just right opposite his office. Feeling a little strange, he followed behind them. They went up second floor and walked in to a office. He made sure they had closed the door before he could peeked his head out.

Just on top of the door, there was a tag.

[Masatoshi SP Agency]

“Special agency…” he muttered under his breath. Isn’t this like my company…

Before he could investigated more, he received a message from Nino to ask him to be back to the office. Sho rushed back to see Nino walking around in the empty space near the door.

“What’s it? What happened?”

“Remember that lady just now? She withdrew from the agreement.”

“What?! Why?” Sho burst out.

Nino looked damn pissed right now, “How the fuck will I know!”

Just then, Sho remembered the agency he saw just now. “Crap, I knew who’s behind these.”

Nino gave him a questioning look, and Sho explained what he saw just a few minutes earlier. They then come to a conclusion that, [Masatoshi SP agency], had been stealing customer from them.

“Damn it!” Nino banged his forehead with his palm. “Who the hell are they?”

“I don’t know, but at least I saw one of the guy there. The man with a very short hair and a very sleepy look.“ Sho sat on Nino’s desk.

Nino went to Sho. “Go there now and stop them!”

“Impossible, impossible!”

“At least give them a scolding and show them your muscles! Maybe they will be afraid of it and know that we aren’t someone to be mess with!”

“Are you kidding me?” Sho let out a half-laugh.

Nino grunted. “Do I looked like I am kidding? Sho, the company will go bankrupt! Our hardwork will be gone because of some asshole there. I’m not going to let this happen! You hear me?” It’s rare to see Nino so agitated like this. “ We need to know who are they. Haven’t you heard before, if you know others and know yourself, you will not be imperilled in a hundred battles!

“Nino…” The words from him made Sho reconsidered if he should really go and ‘pay’ them a visit.

Nino picked up the phone and was already dialling the number, “Go! I will try to call that lady to reconsider us!”

Sho clicked his tongue and walked to the door. “Just this time!”

“Just remember to greet them with a smile!”

Sho went back to the building and to the office. He looked at the tag and took a deep breath, which helped to reorganize what he wanted to say later. He pressed the bell at the side and waited.

“I’ll pick it up…”

“No, I will do it!”

For sure, Sho heard only 2 man in there. Sho pressed the bell again and clicked his tongue impatiently.


The door opened. Sho was about the greet them when he saw the man in front of him. His eyes widened, his mouth went slightly opened. His lips went dry and his breath shortened.

But he wasn’t the one who was surprised too. That man who was in black suit also had the same reaction as him.

“So it’s you,” The man rolled his eyes. “I thought it was another client.”

Sho cracked, “Ma..Masaki?“

“Sorry, but it’s Aiba Masaki. If you have nothing, please leave. I’ve lots of things to do! “ Aiba chased him off, but before he could closed the door, Sho pushed it opened again.

“Why are you here? In this company?”

“This is my company! I have the rights to be here. “ Aiba struggled to push it closed but that pushing force was stronger.

“How long… have you been here?”

“I don’t think I have to report this to you! “


A similar man that Sho saw earlier, came behind Aiba. “Who’s that Aiba-chan?”

They both stopped stop the little pushing war. “It’s nothing, Oh-chan!” Aiba smiled and then whispered while staring at Sho, “Some irritating pest!”

By listening to them, Sho could tell that they were quite closed to each other. He wondered how closed were they in the first place.

“So this is?” ‘Oh-chan’ asked Aiba.

“He’s that Sakurai Sho…“ Aiba sounded so irritated.

“Oh, that Sakurai Sho is it?”

Now Sho was totally confused. What do that mean by that Sakurai Sho? Are they talking behind his back for all this while? But why?

“Pleased to meet you, Sakurai-san. I’m Ohno Satoshi.” He greeted with a smile.

Judging his face, he must be around Aiba’s age. If not, younger.

“Hi, I guess I don’t have to introduce myself.” Sho laughed awkwardly. “I think I’ve to go now. My…my friend is waiting for me.”

Immediately after he finished his sentence, he rushed back down and to his office. Just as the same time when he was back, Nino put down his phone and sighed.

“Safe for now… Hey, you are back! I have a good news and a bad one!” Nino took a slip of his black coffee.

Sho was still in his shocked trance. To see Aiba Masaki here was one thing to be surprised, and not only that, to see him operating the same special agency as him, to Sho, the shock was too far to handle.

“Good news is that she has agreed to reconsider us. But bad news is that she wants to have a meeting with us, both of us.” Nino pointed on the floor and at the window, referring to them and their rival company.

Sho didn’t spoke a word. He was standing at the door like a wooden figurine.

“Sho…” Nino asked. “Did you hear me?”

Nino wasn’t getting any response from the still man. He shouted for the last time before Sho shook his head awake from his trance. He rushed to Nino with at a stern look.

“What.. what?” Nino looked a little confused.


“Masaki who?”

“Aiba Masaki, that man from 5 months ago. Remember the case?“

“Aiba Masaki… Aiba Masaki…” Nino chanted the name to remember. “Ahh… Ahh… I think remember. The naïve gay? What’s wrong?”

“I saw him just now in the office.”


Aiba totally couldn’t remember what happened before Sho came to pay a surprise visit. He never expected him to find out so soon too. And besides that, their company was considered as new, since they just started 2 months ago. It took him a while to keep every movement a secret, cause he won’t want to them to find out now. Just not now since he wanted to see their fall before he revealed it.

But his heart fluttered when he saw Sho again. He looked as before, a man full of confidence and amazing body shape still. He wanted to laugh when he heard called his name with a cracked voice. The more Aiba stared at him, his body felt hotter and it reminded him of that day when he remembered they had a night out. Even until now, he would think that it was the best sex he ever had yet. Aiba had to agree that Sho was even better than his ex-boyfriend.

Not only that, his ex-boyfriend’s a total bastard. He couldn’t believed that he was the third party and the one being dumped. He only realised when Sho told him, just 5 months ago when he happened to meet him on the streets nearby his workplace. It was then he found out everything, but then, his hatred grew since he didn’t understand why he had to go through these(even thought the sex felt real good). He decided not to let anyone get hurt because of this company. He seemed too ambitious, but he still decided to give it a go, the plan to destroy ‘S.C Special Agency’.

He called up his senior, Ohno Satoshi, who was very willing to be his partner-in-action to stop those people. They started stealing their customer as many as possible. But then, when he saw him just now, he couldn’t help but to think if he had made the right choice to revenge on that man.

“Aiba-chan, are you okay?”

Aiba was still in deep thoughts.

“Aiba-chan?” Ohno shook him lightly.

“Ah… I’m fine…” Aiba smiled weakly.

“Just received a call from that lady. We need to hold a meeting with S.C. special agency. You are fine with it?”

Aiba didn’t response.

“You hear me?”

“Huh? I’m sorry, can you repeat again?”

Ohno shook his head and repeated it again.

“A meeting with them.. okay…”

Ohno patted his shoulders. “If you aren’t comfortable with them, I can go alone,“ He smiled.

Aiba rejected it, “It’s okay! I’m totally fine! We got to show them what are we capable of!”

“That’s the spirit!” He laughed. “Tell me, what makes you lose in your thoughts since just now.”

“Eh! It’s nothing actually.”

“It’s Sakurai Sho right?” Ohno seemed to read his mind easily. “It’s written on your face!”

Aiba blushed unknowingly, and Ohno laughed. And just before Ohno left Aiba alone on the couch, he heard him muttering something.

“He is in white again…”


A/N : Anyone miss me? haha! Hi everyone, i'm back with a new series after so so so so long! Yup, i decided to use smooth criminal fanfic, since there are now so many drama about detective and crime-solving. I hope i can do a good job in these genre. Neh, i wont forget to add some love and fluff in the fic too.

From my previous WN, i wrote that i will be committed to my hobby. Yup that is my birthday wish for this year. I hope i will update weekly. Well, from this long hiatus, i don't expect much comments from this fic. But i hope you guys who read my fics can feel happy and at least, relax too. I will try to make it as fun as possible!

Since it's been a while since i wrote, please take care of me! よろしくお願いします!

Also, this fic will be beta every chapter. I had found beta, but i can't contact her. I think she is kinda busy in RL and i dont want to disturb her much. I know i sounded bad here, but if anyone who likes to beta this series, feel free to contact me.

Chie :D

Tags: black or white, fanfic, genre: comedy, genre: fluff, genre: romance, p: ohba, p: sakumiya, p: sakuraiba, r: r
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