Chie (tensaibaka) wrote,

writer's nonsense #102 : always

OMG I FINISHED WATCHING THE CON!!! I LOVE IT ALOT~ All the performance are amazing and i really love how the flow goes ;D (tho it's really very fast in the beginning)

not only that, arashi killed my heart in 'always' performance! Everything is so awesome in that performance, the dance, the vid at the back the clothes, the lighting! OMG!! I SERIOUSLY LOVE IT ALOT THAT I HAVE CUT THAT PORTION OUT TO PUT IT IN MY PHONE!!!!!

That's why i'm posting it here, to share this awesome performance with you all!! :D Please enjoy and flail with me!! :D

MF only
Password : myheart
Standard rules of no reposting etc still hold! Can use for subbing! (if you have sub it please tell me so i can dl it :P)
vid credit to :

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