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Black or White - Chapter 1

Title: Black or White Chapter 1 - Case #1: Faith 
Author: [info]tensaibaka
Pairing: Sakuraiba, Ohmiya
Genre:  Comedy, Romance
Rating: PG
Summary: First case and Aiba's already in trouble? What kinda of trouble did he get into?
A/N : Word count : 2497
Chapters: Prologue

They were full-armor prepared, ready to counterattack their opponent if they were forced to. He grabbed the documents on the table and placed neatly in his bag. He took a good deep breath to relax his mind and body.

“You sure you are okay?” Ohno asked as he took the Aiba’s bag.

“Of course! I’ve come out with my plans to win this!” Aiba clenched his fist.

“You are confident, and I like it!” Ohno felt pumped up too.

Aiba nodded his head as he left his office to his enemy’s territory. It’s been 3 days since Sho, that jerk who ruined his life, found out about their company. And now that they knew about it, Sho and his gang would counter back them as well.

But he’s confident that he’ll win.

I’ll win! We’ll win... He chanted inside his heart as he took the stairs up. Ohno who was beside him, laughed when he heard the weird mumbling. Aiba snarled and thought that it was ohno being weird. How could Ohno, his most respectful senior, seemed to be at his most relaxed state when they had a 'battle' later. He wondered how he could be remained so calm. Aiba was freaking worried that they might lose this case.

They stopped at the door with a simple door tag, stating [Smooth Criminal Special Agency], and hanging on it. Ohno knocked on the door and there wasn’t any response from them. He knocked continuously, before they heard someone screaming. The door opened and standing in front of them was a half-naked young man who was about Ohno’s height. He was fair, even fairer than the two men. His face was unblemished and he looked younger, very young. He had thin lips and also a distinctive mole near his chin. Both Aiba and Ohno won’t dare to take another look at his body, but they managed to catch those 6-packs on that tiny, a little fragile body.

“Didn’t I tell you to stop knocking…?” He frowned.

“Sorry, we are here for the –“

Aiba was interrupted by another voice.

“Oi Nino.Put your clothes back, will you?” Another man, holding a white shirt, was rushing towards the door and stopped behind Nino when he saw the 2 guests. “Ohh… Hi.”

“Hi.” Aiba greeted with making any eye contact with Sho.

“I guess we are quite early?”

“Not at all. Please come in!” Sho pulled Nino to his side and let their guests entered their office. “Please have a seat here while I clear the meeting room.” He pointed at the sofa just outside the meeting room before pointed at Nino, “You come in with me!”

Nino let out a grunt while buttoning his white shirt up. He went to the meeting room with Sho leaving Ohno and Aiba staring at each other, awkwardly. They both must had notice that red hickey on Nino’s body. Both thought they might have come here at the wrong timing. However, Aiba was a little more uncomfortable, knowing that they both were an item even before Aiba had met him.

Sho and Nino came out and invited them to the meeting room. Ohno and Aiba chose to sit together, while Sho and Nino sat opposite them. They looked at each other without knowing what to say. To break the ice, Sho stood up and offered to make them coffee.

“It's okay!” Aiba rejected it at first, cause he had a cup just before coming here.

“No, I owe you a cup of coffee. Remember?” Sho smiled as he walked out of the room to prepare the coffee. Nino followed after a while probably to get some explanation from him.

“So when did he owe you a cup of coffee?” Ohno asked.

“It’s the past…”

Aiba sure remember that cup of coffee he spilled when he saw Sho on the streets a few months ago. That was when he started on this idea of revenge.

They had their coffee served and not long, their client came and the meeting started. During the meeting, Aiba was nervous throughout the whole meeting and Sho noticed it, since his eyes never left Aiba the moment he stepped into their office.

He still looks the same. Sho was glad that the only change that Aiba had, was his hairstyle only.

Then he caught Ohno whispering to Aiba, and Aiba gave him a smile that he had never seen before. He wondered what Ohno said that made him so happy. Sho felt a twinge of jealousy in his heart.

“So Sho, you are okay with it?” Nino nudged Sho with his arm.


“About working together with them?”

“Yes… yes...” Sho wasn’t interested in any other things except the man opposite him.

“Deal. Thank you for your cooperation. We will find it out as soon as possible!”

Ohno stood up and so did Aiba. Nino got up, pulling Sho with him and gave the client a bow before sending her off. He came back and gave a light hit on Sho’s head.

“You are supposed to pay attention during meetings!” he scolded him.

Sho rubbed his head stating, “I’m sorry...”

“Busy looking at someone?” Nino eyed at Aiba who looked confused.

“Shut up!”

“Let’s get these going guys,” Ohno reminded them.

Nino pulled out a small white board out and started scribbling. “Let’s do a small recap. Our client, Suzuki Yuka, wants us to track on this person, Tanaka Hiroki, which is Yuka’s fiancé. Recently he had been returning home late and he never told her why. Just last week, he came home with a strong female scent, and Yuka tried to confront him but ended up quarreling. They patched a few days later, however Yuka still mind it. So she decided to seek help, from us.”

Sho nodded his head, while the others looked at Nino, impressed by his way of summarizing the whole event in just a few sentences. Aiba couldn’t even understand what his client meant, since she had been using very polite words from the start. The only thing that he knew was that she had been brought up in a rich and traditional family.

Nino moved back to his seat and asked, “So what should we do?”

“Simple, track Tanaka Hiroki’s location, take some pictures of him with girls and we are done.” Sho explained his plan in just a short sentence. ”Yuka’s house has tight security, so stalking there is a ‘NG’. Location will be at his workplace. We got his company right?”

“Yup it’s just a few streets down from here.” Nino answered him, passing the Tanaka Hiroki's name card to Sho.

“Okay. That’s it.” He then passed the name card to Ohno.

Aiba was surprised by his light words. Does he do that all the times? He thought that every case should handle with care, and not in a casual way. But from his way of coming out with a solution, Aiba came out with a conclusion that he had been through lots of similar cases.

Nino went out of the room and came back with some sticks. “So now, we have to decide who will go with whom.”

“Why?!” Aiba was the first to oppose to this idea."No!"

“Why? Can’t you tell? You guys are just novice in these,” Nino snorted “It will take you days to work out with a solution, or even dragged us down with it. I don't want my money to be on stake.”

“Nino!” Sho gave a light tug on his shirt “Don’t mind him. He is a little money-minded.”

“I’m 1 and Sho is 2. Whoever gets which number will go with that person for this case. So pick now.” He shoved the stick to the 2 bewildered men.

They chose their stick and revealed it.

“No! I want to change!” said Aiba when he saw the number on his stick.

“Sorry. NO changes after picking. Stop being a wuss, Aiba!” Nino glared at Aiba.

“But then--”

Ohno patted at his shoulder, “Aiba-chan, it’s just one case. We’ll solve it as fast as we can.”

“What’s wrong working with me, Aiba-san?” Sho smirked, already excited to work with Aiba right away. “We sure have lots of fun!”


“Hey, coffee for you.”

Aiba looked Sho who was standing outside the car. “I thought we have already settled it?”

“That coffee doesn't count. Just take this.” He forcefully passed the coffee to Aiba. “Damn the coffee, it’s hot”

“Thanks.” Aiba took a slip of it before giving a disgusted face. “This is sweet...”

Sho leaned on the car door and took a slip of his coffee. “Don’t like it?”

“Not a fan of it.”

Sho smiled, as he learned something new about Aiba again. Firstly, he love to drive with one hand. Secondly, he had a boat license, and lastly, he prefers his coffee without sugar. Sho had never got so excited for a man like that before. Aiba Masaki's such an interesting man, he thought as he took a slip of his coffee.

Today’s mission for them was just to track Tanaka Hiroki down and to find out his daily schedule. Ohno and Nino would be at the office setting up some hearing devices for later use. Aiba was worried for Ohno, since he hardly had any work experience in these. Usually, Ohno would have hired someone to do it for them.

“I’m worried for Oh-chan.”

“Why?” Sho took another slip of his lukewarm coffee. The weather was pretty cold today.

“He hardly does these. I’m afraid that he might be giving trouble to Ninomiya-san” Aiba sighed.

Sho let out a laugh. “Don’t worry. Nino is friendly. Very, very friendly.”

Back at S.C office, Ohno and Nino was assembling the parts together silently. They didn’t talk at all until they had finished at assembling the parts.

“We are done!” Nino wiped his sweat with his arm. “You’ve been such great help”

Ohno look at the hearing device that was only 3cm big and praised, “You are awesome. I can’t even do such things.”

“I majored in such Mechatronics. This is just nothing.” Nino boasted. “At least you are a great helper, unlike Sho. He only has muscle to crash those parts and nothing else.”

Ohno smiled as he continued to examine at that small delicate device. He was too amazed by the size. The men that he hired couldn’t even make something like this. This proved that Nino was either a genius or, those men were just untalented.


Ohno was still admiring it at it. “Huh?”

Nino stared hard at him, “You know you looked sort of familiar. Have we met before?”

“Nope, yesterday was the first time I’ve met you.”

“Weird…” Nino nodded his head lightly.

“Aiba-chan said that I have a common face.”

“Oh ya!” Nino finally remembered something important, “Sho wanted to ask you something.”

“What is it?” Ohno finally took a break from the device. He sat beside Nino and took a slip of his coffee that Nino brew earlier.

“Did you bang Aiba?”

Sho was in car now as the temperature dropped outside. They had seen Tanaka Hiroki walking in the company at 9.30am and now they had to wait till he ended his work to continue the search. It just gonna be Aiba and Sho alone spying.

Just then, Sho received a message, and it was from Nino stating that they had already finished assembling and were on their way to pass them the device. Not only that, the message included something that put a smile on his face.

“So what’s your relationship with Ohno?” Sho asked as he took a good look at Aiba’s side view.

“He is my senior back in junior high school.”

“Ohhh…” Sho seemed to notice that piercing on his ear, and the mole at the side of his face. “How did you know him?”

Aiba turned suddenly and stared at him. “Sakurai, we are working. Can you just stop asking those questions?”

“I’m interested!”

“But I am not interested in telling you all these.” Aiba gave him one last fierce glare before looking out of the window. “Ahh! Look! ”

Sho looked at the area that Aiba pointed. It’s Tanaka Hiroki coming out of the entrance with his working bag. Sho looked at his watch that stated 10.00am, which is too early for a lunch break or even go home.

“Follow him.”Sho ordered while he took out his phone to contact Nino.

Aiba nodded his head and droved closely behind. He stopped in front of a high-class café and went it. Sho told him that Nino and Ohno would be coming as soon as he can.

“And, meanwhile we will just drive away.”

“We will be letting him go,” Aiba unbuckled his seat beat and was ready to get off, but Sho stopped him.

“Wait. We can’t go in like this. I’m afraid that he saw us already.”

Aiba’s eyes widened. “What?! When? ”

“He had been eying on us since he got off the building. We are following too closely.”

“That long?” No wonder during the ride, Sho kept asking him to make detours. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“I thought you won’t be interested in what I say…” He pouted like a young kid.

Aiba hit his forehead with his palm, defeated by his words.

“Just drive to the park now and let Nino settle it.”

Aiba had to follow his order since he won’t want to risk getting caught. They drove to the nearest park and decided to find a nice bench to rest at. Sho called up Nino to confirm their position. Tanaka Hiroki was still there and he was able to take some photos of him and a lady.

Aiba cursed in his heart. Why didn’t he notice that Tanaka Hiroki had seen them? And now, he had to ask his senior to take over his role. He had done nothing at all today. He blamed himself for being such a useless detective.

“Hey, eat this!” Sho pushed a bun to him that he bought from nearby bakery.

“No thanks…” he was still bothered by his mistake.

“You’ve been with me for the whole day. Even I’m hungry, how can you not feel the same too?” Sho opened up the packet and took the bun out. “Stop blaming yourself.”

Aiba looked at Sho, who was finishing his bun soon. He had his enemy comforting him? What a joke. Working in this environment was tough and Aiba was realizing it day by day. He opened the packet and ate it.

“It’s just a small mistake, Aiba.” Sho crushed the package. “I made such mistake before too. Just don’t take it too seriously.”

Aiba gave him a weak smile. It would take him awhile to be as positive as Sho. “Thanks.”

Sho gave him a pat on his head. “Let’s go.”

He was surprised that the little encouragement from Sho helped to relieve his mind, “Where?”

“Continue our search.”

Aiba smiled as he followed behind Sho to their car. One thing for sure, he knew that his impression on Sho would change after this case.

A/N : Sorry for not updating last week! I'm kinda busy with my internship :D This chapter is for last week! I will make sure to post another chapter by this week(if possible)!

So do you like it? Well, some of the cases might be from drama like lucky seven etc. This case too! But as the case goes by, you will get to see how aiba impression change for sho, same goes for sho impression to aiba.

Thank you for reading in advance! Hope you can enjoy this chapter! (tho i think it's kinda slow in progress) And for the next chapter, it's will get more heated up! :D

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