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Black or White Chapter 2

Title: Black or White Chapter 2 - Case #1: Faith
Author: [info]tensaibaka
Pairing: Sakuraiba, Ohmiya
Genre:  Comedy, Romance
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Investigation continued when they finally found out new information on. Not only that,a big progress in their relationship? Aiba decided to confession his thoughts on Sho! Will Sho be able to handle it or will he just run away this time?
A/N : Word count : 1854
Chapters: Prologue , 01


It was the 5th day and Aiba had been with Sho even since they started the case. Slowly, he was getting used to his existence. On the other hand, Sho had realized that Aiba was far more interesting than he thought. He never met a guy that interest him this much. His seriousness was one thing that Sho felt most surprised of.

“Sakurai-san, he is with that woman again…” Aiba took a few photos of the couple in the cafe.

“Noted. That lady from the first day…”

“What a jerk. He had been with 5 different woman already.” Aiba folded his arms looking pissed. “Womanizer!”

Sho giggled, and Aiba stared at him.

“What so funny?” Aiba snarled.

“Nothing…” Sho pouted.

They had been like these for the past few days. One will be complaining and the other would be smiling or sometimes even laughing. They still bickered, however, they felt less tense as compared to the first day.

Aiba smiled as he turned his face to the car window, when he saw something happening inside the cafe.

“Look!” he said.

Sho turned to his direction and saw what he believed Aiba saw. Tanaka Hiroki had an envelope in his hands and he was unwinding the strings on it. Next he took out the pile of money and started counting it. He put it back again and tried to return it back to the lady, however she push it back to him. She then held onto his hands and said something before standing up and leaving the cafe.

“Oh god…” Aiba muttered as he never imagined that would happened. “Tanaka Hiroki….is a conman…”

“Wait Aiba-kun, we can’t just judge him with this…” Sho reminded him, “See, he’s out. Follow him..”

They followed him to his next destination, which is a family restaurant that was a few streets away from the cafe. At there, he met up with another lady which Aiba recognized her since she was with Tanaka just 3 days ago. And the same thing happened again. He received another envelope with money in it.

“That guy! We need to stop him now!” Aiba unbuckled his seat beat, yet Sho stopped him.

“Hey! We can’t!” Sho grabbed his hands, “We don’t have any strong evidence..”

“Isn’t the pictures the evidence?”

“Aiba! We can’t stop him like this. We might get sued, and furthermore, we are only paid to follow him and take photos, and not catch him! We aren’t police.”

With that, Aiba came to his senses. Yes, this job can be heartless sometimes. Aiba had figured it ever since he was in this industry. No matter how positive he was, there’s always something that would crash him down, making him all helpless. Just like this case here, he couldn’t do anything because of those reasons Sho mentioned.

Aiba let out a grunt before getting out of the car.

“Where are you going?” Sho was worried for him.

“Take a breather”


Aiba sat at the bench in the park. He closed his eyes at the same time with his head up, stretching his neck. He was all relaxed and his mind was clear now, which was what he needed the most. Just as he was enjoying the wind breeze, he felt something hot on his cheek. He snapped and rolled his eyes when he saw him.

“Not happy to see me?” Sho sat beside him and passed him the can of coffee. “Black coffee with no sugar.”

Aiba remained silence, using the can to warm his cold hands.

“You looked very angry…”

“I’m not—“

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t raise my voice”

Aiba turned to Sho, who looked apologetic for his actions just now. He suddenly laughed.

“Why? Why are you laughing?” Sho scratched his head in confuse.

Aiba took a few breath before speaking, “It’s not your fault. You don’t have to apologize…” His smile faded as he continued, “I should have be more professional. What you say is right. I need to control my feelings…”

“You are pretty emotional.” Sho smiled. “ But it's not a bad thing. I’m not an emotional person, and I do things without hard feelings. Unlike you, who give thoughts to most of the things you do. Working with you just make me realized how heartless am I for the past few years.”

Aiba finally smiled again. “Actually you aren’t that bad as I thought. After these few days of working, I found out that you are smart…”

Sho felt a thump in his heart.

“quick wit… ”

The heart was beating irregularly. He felt his face turning hot all of the sudden.


Thump thump…

“Able to make quick and best decision…”

Sho went closer to Aiba. Does he really mean it…

“and also very thoughtful too. I mean it!” Aiba had a broad smile across his face. “You are really very—“

Sho grabbed Aiba’s hands and rested it on his lap. Aiba wasn’t aware that he was so closed to Sho until now. He glazed into his eyes. Aiba tried to avert his eyes away, but it was impossible to reject that big round eyes.

“Shh—“ he whispered before leaning forward.

Their lips met for the first time after so long. Aiba shut his eyes almost immediately, feeling his heart heart beating crazily inside. Sho was feeling the same too. It's been so long since he felt his heart thundering inside. The time seemed to stop, and they were enjoying their moment together. They only broke the kiss when they heard some kids making loud noises when walking in to the park.

Aiba was the first to push him away. He touched his face which he believed was burning hot. On the other hand, Sho was surprised by his own actions. That never happened before to him. What just happened… he thought, as he turned to look at Aiba. He’s blushing… he smiled as he faked a cough.

“Erm.. I think we…” Sho suddenly had lost his words. ”need to go back to the office.”

Aiba nodded. He was still in a shocked state.

“Let’s go then…”

Sho stood up and walked to where he parked the car. He touched his lips unconsciously on his way back, thinking about the kiss that they shared. Such a condition, in such place… it was his first time… And such a simple kiss…

It had never tasted so sweet before.


“Yo! You guys are back quite early today..” Nino greeted them while Ohno just smiled.

“Erm… Something happened” Aiba remembered the kiss that he and Sho shared, and he started to blush. How can I kiss my enemy! This is so wrong... “We found out something new about Tanaka Hiroki.”

“Yup, take a look at this” Sho took the camera and show them what they had taken just now.

By a look, they could figure it out that Takana Hiroki was a conman and Yuka was one of his victim. Ohno then went to Nino’s table and searched for the namecard.

“Actually I already figure it out that Tanaka Hiroki isn’t working in the company.” Ohno showed them the card.

“How?” Aiba questioned.

“Look, “ He pointed at the name, “Spotted something?”

At first they didn’t realized anything, until Nino noticed the light smudges on it.

“The smudges, which only happened when your ink isn’t dry or your hand is stained by ink. And if you looked even closer, you will notice that the “KI” on his name is actually written by him.”

“Eh?!Serious?!” the other three man exclaimed in sync.

Ohno nodded, “ He might have got this name card from someone…”

Everyone was impressed and agreed with Ohno’s reasoning. Next, Sho explained the events happened in the cafe just now while Nino quickly typed it in his laptop. Nino then complied everything up, and printed the relevant documents with the photo that they had taken from the past few days. They worked really fast and effective, and Aiba and Ohno really learned a lot from this case.

“We are done!”

Nino stretched his arms high and rest it on Ohno’s shoulders. Ohno was surprised by his actions, although he had been doing this for the past few days. He figured out that Nino’s a very touchy person. He slightly pushed Nino away, and moved beside Aiba, where he felt better with. Aiba gave him a rub on his head when he approached him. Aiba always do that to him when they were in school, and Ohno was glad that Aiba didn’t change that cheerful character of his after they graduated.

“You are really awesome!” Aiba praised. “I didn’t know you are so good at this!”

“I’m in art club in school remember?” Ohno’s cheeks turned a little red, “I’m pretty observant!”

Aiba whispered in his ears, “Let’s go for ramen later! My treat!”

Ohno gave a wide smile. Such a commotion caught Sho’s attention. That mind of his was filled with jealousy all of the sudden, when he saw Aiba sticking so close to Ohno. Didn’t he forget about the kiss in the park?

Nino cleared his throat to stop the other two men who were fooling around with each other, “Erm, we can report this to Yuka already.”

Sho nodded his head, “Sure. Call her up later.”

Aiba’s reaction changed immediately. He just remembered that the case wasn’t done yet. They still had to report it up. And to report such things to his client, actually he hated to do it. Yuka would be disappointed and hurt when she read the report. Aiba wanted to help her more, but sadly, it wasn’t in his job scope.

“Damn…” he cursed softly, getting angry with himself again.

“What’s wrong?” Ohno gave him a pat on his shoulder.

“I just feel that this isn't enough. I want to help Yuka more.”

“You have done more than enough, Aiba-chan. “


“That’s more than enough. We should get going. I want my ramen!”

Aiba put a smile on his face. Maybe he shouldn't put too much emotion to every of his case. He got to learn to tone down a little.

Ohno took his things and pulled Aiba with him. “We will be going then. See you guys tomorrow.” And they were on the way to the ramen restaurant, laughing and joking when they stepped out the office.

Sho went to the meeting room and lay flat the sofa immediately. He touched his lips again and smiled to himself, not knowing that Nino was at the door.

“Something happen to you and Aiba?” Nino pushed Sho away and sat on the sofa. “You seemed to be happy when you came back. So I figured it must be Aiba”

“Really? Sure there is something good that happened.”

“Oh really…” Nino frowned his brow a little, sounded a little depressed about it before he changed to his seductive voice. “Is it better than this?”

His hands brushed through Sho’s crotch, and then rested on it. He started tapping on it and blowing air on his nape.

“Nino… You are such a bad boy”

Sho smirked before pulling Nino towards him and gave him a wet and noisy kiss like they always did. Nino smiled in between the kisses, feeling that he had secured a place in his heart.

A/N: Sorry for the slow update this time! Cause i was studying for common test! But since it's over, i should have more time for this!

Please enjoy this chapter!!

PS: I will edit the grammer etc tml :D

Tags: black or white, fanfic, genre: comedy, genre: fluff, genre: romance, p: ohmiya, p: sakuraiba, r: pg-13
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