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Black or White - Chapter 3

Title: Black or White Chapter 3 - Case #1: Faith
Author: [info]tensaibaka
Pairing: Sakuraiba, Ohmiya
Genre:  Comedy, Romance, angst
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The case is coming to the end. What will happened to them in the end? Will Aiba have a better impression on Sho?
A/N : Word count : 2517
Chapters: Prologue , 01, 02


Aiba yawned as he went up the stairs to his office. He had a sleepless night the day before, and reason was just a light kiss on his lips. He rolled around in his bed before getting up to do some sit-ups to tire himself. However everything when he had his eyes closed, the image replayed in his mind. And by the time he was ready to sleep, his alarm rang and he had to get ready for another day’s work.

He went in the office, threw his bag on the sofa before going to the kitchen to get his daily caffeine dose. From the kitchen he could see Ohno on the phone, which was why he didn’t greet him when he came in. He came out with his cup and dragged his feet to his table. By the time he was back, Ohno had already hang up.

“Morning…” Aiba greeted before lying his head on the table.

“Morning, Aiba-chan. Didn’t have a good night yesterday?” Ohno asked.

“Yea….”Aiba yawned loudly. “And we have so much work to do…”

Ohno gave a pat on his shoulders. “We can finish it earlier and so you can head for home fast. Let’s go now, they are waiting for us.”

Aiba sighed as he finished his coffee before heading to the office opposite theirs. When they arrived, the others were waiting for them with some files.

Aiba’s eyes met Sho and his lips which then he averted somewhere else. Sho noticed that the dark circles around him, and his constant yawning. He waited till Aiba was near him, and he followed beside him.

“You have dark circles around your eyes.” He questioned.

Aiba paced his steps to the meeting room.“Didn’t have a good night…” he sat on the sofa

Sho took the seat beside him, “Why?”

Aiba stared at him. “It’s really none of your business…” as he finished his sentence, his attention move to the lips that was about 30 cm away from his. He swiftly turned his head and slide to the further end of the sofa.

Ah… Sho saw what happened. Aiba was looking at his lips, which meant he showed that he actually mind it, the kiss. He wondered if that’s the reason Aiba was tired since he had been thinking of it the whole night. Just when he was about to ask, the other two came in and broke the chance.

“We had called Yuka and she will be coming down soon” Nino told the rest, “Meanwhile you guys can read up these documents that I had complied last night. I think this should be enough.”

Aiba took the file from Nino and started reading. As he read, he realized something wasn’t really right. He continued reading it and strangely, he felt something different.

“Hey, I think something’s weird in this case…” he voiced out.

“Weird?” asked Nino. “What do you mean?”

“You see, when Tanaka Hiroki received the money, the first thing he did was to head back home.”

“That’s what we know…” Nino frowned.

“That’s the problem!” Aiba exclaimed. “He head back home and not the bank.”

“I don't get it…” now it was Ohno’s turn to question.

“See, when people received a huge sum of money, usually the first thing they will do is to bank in the money.” Aiba explained, “ But Takana Hiroki didn't. He went back!”

“He probably wants to save trouble from banking?” Sho asked this time.

“I believed he was… and not just save the trouble. It must be something more… like saving the trouble for someone else.”

The other nodded their heads in sync.

Aiba continued, “For the past few days, beside meeting those victims, he also went to the bookstores. And when we went it, the books he read were about leukemia and medical studies.”

“You think the money is for his studies…” Ohno concluded. “He needs the money for his medical studies.”

Aiba nodded, and the rest started to look at the case differently. They all agreed to what Aiba mentioned, yet was still discussing if they should tell the client about it since it was just interpreting what he saw. There weren’t enough evidence to prove that he was using the money for his studies.

While still in the middle of the meeting, the door bell rang with some a few knocks on the door. Nino rushed opened the door, while the rest decided to just keep it themselves first. Yuka went in the meeting room, looked prepared for it. Aiba could tell that she actually hope for a good news instead.

The meeting with Yuka finally started and Ohno presented the files to her, while Sho took the time to explain what happened for the past days that had investigate, without telling her what Aiba interpreted earlier on. While saying, Yuka couldn’t hide her tears the moment she heard that his fiancé was conman and that she was one of the victims. Aiba who was just beside her, felt her pain. Being betrayed by someone who you thought was your mister right, didn’t that happened to him before?

“Where’s he now?” Yuka sniffed as she wiped the tears with her finger.

“Yuka-san, I won’t suggest you to talk to him right now. Your condition isn’t good.” Sho said.

“No, I want to hear it from him. The reasons why is he doing all these.”

“But –“

Yuka turned to Aiba and begged with her teary eyes, “Please! Please bring me to him now. I need to speak to him…”

Aiba wanted to reject her, since her feelings now wasn’t stable. But being a kind and soft-hearted man, he couldn’t help but to accept it. Nino tried to stop Aiba but failed when Aiba had his determination.

“We need to find out where he’s now right now…” Aiba told Yuka.

“He said he will be eating dinner with his friends. “

“Which restaurant?”

“He didn’t mentioned…”

Aiba cursed. It would be hard to track down Tanaka Hiroki’s position. No wonder, Nino was trying to stop them since they don’t have any tracking system on him right now. Just when Aiba was getting fed up with himself, Ohno suddenly started talking on the phone.

“Ok… I got it. Thanks.” He flipped his phone closed. “Found where he is now…”

“Really?” Aiba and Yukas’ eyes widened, while Nino and Sho was shocked by the speed that Ohno took to find Tanaka Hiroki. Usually, it would still take a day to track him down physically, but Ohno took just less than 15 minutes.

“Let’s go!”


Aiba sped his way to their destination, a family restaurant just few streets down the road. From outside, Aiba and Yuka could see him. Tanaka Hiroki was with another lady, this time it was someone he had never seen before. They seemed to have lively chat with each other. One moment they were laughing like a loving couple, and yet the other moment, they both looked quite down and was having a serious talk. The next thing that happened was when Tanaka took out the bulky envelope and passed it to the lady.

“What…” Aiba muttered under his breath.

Slowly, he finally got it. The money wasn’t for his own use but for the other lady. She must be in need of money and they seemed they were in some problem raising up money. This will lead to Tanaka Hiroki, coming out to con other.

The couple settle their bill and was coming out of the restaurant. Yuka immediately rushed out of the car before Aiba could even stop her. He went out and chased after Yuka. Meanwhile the others had finally reached the place and was rushing towards them.

Yuka ran towards the couple and stopped them, “Tanaka Hiroki!”

Tanaka was surprised to see Yuka, and was even surprised to see Aiba behind her.

“How could you lie to me… How could you cheat me!” She screamed at him.

“Yuka, listen—“

“I am not! I knew everything. You are a conman. You have cheated many women’s money to fit that woman!” Yuka pointed at Tanaka’s partner and she immediately ran to grab her bag.

The lady tried to push Yuka away but failed. Aiba tried to pull her away, and failed until Tanaka gave her ha hard push. She fell onto Aiba’s chest. Lucky he was strong enough to withstand the hard knock.

“Yuka! Are you okay!”Aiba tried to hold Yuka up before going up to Tanaka and growled in front of his face. “Oi !”

Tanaka retorted back, “Are you the one who was following me? You know I can sue you for it.”

“Bring it on. You are the one who is at wrong. Conning money from other women, you are just feeding off from them…”

“You don’t know anything…”

“Well one thing I know… You are a conman who not just cheat women’s money, but feelings too. You don't deserve to love or to be love from anyone.”

The words from Aiba seemed to anger Tanaka. He grabbed onto Aiba’s shirt immediately and gave him a punch on his face. Aiba fell on his back, with a stingy pain on his left cheek.

“This is for insulting me!” Tanaka shouted at Aiba. “I did this for my family!”

Tanaka grabbed Aiba up, and was about to give him the second punch when Sho ran towards him and grabbed his hands. He gave it a twist which made him released Aiba from his grip and bringing his arms to his back before he had Tanaka on his knees.

“Are you okay, Masaki?” Sho looked at Aiba whose face was red and a little swollen.

Aiba nodded his head. The rest finally arrived. Lucky they were pretty away from the main streets and no one noticed the commotion.

“Aiba-chan, your face!” Ohno held Aiba up.

“I’m fine.” He stared hard at Tanaka.

Tanaka’s partner was now grabbing onto Sho’s shirt, asking to let him off since Tanaka seemed to be in pain. Sho looked at Yuka, then Aiba which gave him a nod to ask to release him off that painful position.

“Damn you!” Tanaka screamed in agony. “DAMNIT!! Why do you people want to break my dream.”

The rest continued to listen.

“We used to be a happy family of 3 even we are living with low income.” Tanaka started to sob. “Just 2 years ago, my son was diagnosed with leukemia. We worked and had spend all our income on his medical fees. Even so, we believed that we will find a donor. He told us to have faith in him that he would survive before they find a donor for him, and we always have such faith. And when finally it came true, we realized our income couldn’t afford his surgery and time is running out. We both then come out of this idea… It’s our chance to raise money for my son…to save him..”

Aiba’s heart clenched as he regretted what he said to Tanaka earlier on. He deserved this punch or even more punch from him.

Tanaka walked towards Yuka and kneeing in front of her , with his face all wet. “I’m sorry Yuka. I’m really sorry…”

Yuka bent and gave him a hug. His wife who was already crying went towards them , hugging his husband and Yuka. The rest looked at the trio with their eyes brimming with tears. They understood that nothing is greater than kinship. Aiba tried to hold his tears, yet it still escaped. Ohno gave a light pat on his head. On the other hand, Sho bit his lips as his heart ache terribly inside. His expression changed to a painful one. Kinship was something he had lost a few years ago and he hated to mention it, or to show it to anyone else. Nino seemed to notice it as he went to Sho.

“It’s okay.” Nino said. “We’ll—“

Ohno then interrupted. “Let’s go. We need to treat Aiba’s wounds.”

“How about them?” Aiba asked.

Sho gave Aiba a weak smile, “They will be fine… Let’s head back now “


Sho decided to walk Aiba back home after his wound was treated. Although Aiba rejected since he prefer going back with Ohno, yet his senior told him to use this time to thanks him.

Now, there he was, walking with Sho back home.

“You can stop here now… Don't have to send me furthermore” It was a cross-section path.

“Okay..” However, Sho continued to follow Aiba.

“Didn't I told you, you can stop here?”

“I’m. It’s just that we are on the same path home…”

“You live near this area?”

“I think it’s just a few blocks from yours? Please don't think that I am stalking you! This is just pure coincidence ”

Aiba laughed, so did Sho.

Sho went closer to Aiba, “Is it still painful?”

“Just a little. But I think it will be swollen tomorrow…” Aiba remained silence for awhile before speaking “ thank you for just now. I would have received another punch…”

“You are welcome…”

“Actually I think I deserve a few more punch from him. I misunderstood him, and said so cruel things to him. He was just trying his best to raise money…”

“Rather than blaming yourself, you should treat each case as a lesson to learn.”

Aiba smiled. He sure had learnt a lot from this case, and a lot from Sho. But there’s more room for improvements and he would continued to learn in every case he received.

They walked a distance, before Aiba stopped at his apartment building.

“You can really stop here now.”

They both stared at each other, like no one wanted to left the position.

“Good night.” Aiba finally made his move.


Sho grabbed on Aiba’s arm and pulled him towards himself. With his face just a few cm away from Aiba, he gave him a goodnight kiss before letting him go. Aiba stood there touching his lips, stunned.

“Good night Masaki.” He then left feeling satisfied.

Sho walked a short distance and turned to check if Aiba had entered the building. Once he saw Aiba getting in, he made a U-turn back, to his office.

“Oh you are back…” Nino stopped packing his files and swiftly went to Sho. “So how is it?”

“Nothing much.” He had a silly smile on his face.

“Really…” Nino whispered in his ears.

“Really!” Sho pushed Nino away lightly. He dragged his feet to the meeting room and rest on the sofa.

Nino followed behind. He climbed on top of Sho and was going to strip his clothes away when Sho stopped him.

“Wait. I need your help”

Nino leaned forward and nibble his neck up to his chin, “What is it?”

“I want you to investigate on someone.”

“Who?” Nino was giving light kisses on his face.

Sho stopped Nino for a moment. He just want to make sure that Nino got his message and was serious about it.
“Who do you want me to investigate on?”

“Ohno Satoshi.”

A/N : I am sorry for the delay because i had a chalet recently, and i can't complete before it. T.T

This marks the end of case 1, hopefully i would have more ideas for smaller cases before going to the big one! (does that count as spoiler?) As i mentioned before, their feelings developed case by case, which made this fic a different from the ones i used to wrote.And in each case, it will reveal a little more about each character before it gets all complicated.

Hope you enjoy this! I will edit the grammar tml. meanwhile, i'm still looking for beta to beta this series! :D anyone interested please pm or comment here :D
Tags: black or white, fanfic index, genre: angst, genre: comedy, genre: fluff, genre: romance, p: ohmiya, p: sakuraiba, r: pg-13
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