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Water Drop

Title : Water Drop - One Shot
Author : tensaibaka
Pairing : Ohmiya , SatoChuu(Ohno X Ohkura) [hint]
Rating : PG
Genre : Angst, Romance
Summary : So when Nino realised that Ohno wasn't around with him, he started to regret it.
A/N : 1540 words. Songfic. Song from K8's water drop.

“We are done. It’s over now ”

That was 3 months ago, and it’s the only sentence he could remembered from him. Everything was too sudden and when he could finally understand what he meant, he was gone already.

He wasn’t like this. He never say things like this before, no matter how bad they quarreled. They would still make up and become more lovely dovey than ever. However, this time, it was just different. Those words that he never expected to come out from him. Those words that went through his heart like spikes, causing it to bleed. Those empty feeling that he had never felt before, those feelings that crushed him and made him fall hard and hurt.

Was it his fault? He believed it was, and that he had already hurt his feeling long before he knew it. Why did he figured it out so late then? Was it because he had hid it well, or it just that he wasn’t observant enough.

Walking through those familiar streets with those heavy feelings, everything around him seems to reminds him of the times that had spend together. Was he somewhere else smiling? Was he with something that he could trust more than him? Tears brimming in his eyes, as he rushed off to somewhere darker to avoid people from looking at his crying face.

Ohno and Nino had been known together for more than 12 years, being friends from the start till they were used to each others’ presence. It was not long that they realized they couldn’t lived without each other. Ohno approached him first, and he was gladly accepted it. They told the rest when everything was settled, and the rest approved it.

Both of them had done what many couples would do. Nino’s always a better chef than Ohno, so usually most of the cooking would be done by him. On days, where Nino was busy, Ohno would made his signature fried rice. It tasted bad sometimes, but Nino never complained, and he finished the whole plate in front of him, even though he had a very small appetite.

They had been walking down this path, hand with hand for years. Nino had been with Ohno through his darkest time, so as Ohno. But this time, it wasn’t because of any scandals. It was him.

He had never realized it before, but Ohno was distancing away from him slowly. And when he knew, the distance was too far to reach. Nino blamed himself for being so dense and less observant. He blamed that he should talked to him more. He blamed that he was too late to realize everything. Those eyes, it was too honest. He was too tired of this relationship. He was tired for being the one to sacrificed, and he hated to be only one working for the relationship.

It was too late… just too late now…

Nino wasn’t in the mood for anything for the past few months. The rest of the members somehow figured it out fast. They had been bringing him out often. Nino was grateful to have these friends, but they won’t understand how he felt. No one could stopped his heart from aching. His love was left behind now, and those vows about being together always, those vows that to stay by each other, it was now broken in pieces. He cried many times when he missed Ohno’s presence in the house, but he made no effort to stop them. He just let it flow, just like how his heart bled inside.

All those regrets what he had, it would never fade away. The more he saw him, the more the regrets stayed firmed. The more he looked at him, the more he remembered the things that they had done together. But he knew, even how badly he want Ohno, how badly he wished to talk to him, his voice would never reach to him anymore.

They had just finished another recording. They were less touchy, because it reminded Nino of those memories. However they still did it, because the staff requested it. Since they were both great actors, they could act with no hard feelings. After the recording, Nino was the first to take his leave, as always. Nino went to the vending machine to get himself some fruit juice. He was walking back to the resting room, where he saw Ohno again, and he wasn’t alone.

Ohno smiled, and so did Ohkura Tadayoshi. Ohkura seemed come to visit him since Nino remembered they didn't have any shows here. It was then Nino noticed something, they were standing very close to each other. They were making eye contact with each other, and it seemed that they are more than just being friends.

Ohno took a breath and walked towards Nino. It’s been a while since Nino looked right into him at such a short distance.

“Hey, I still have some things in your house. Can I come by this Sunday?” he asked.

Nino nodded, and before he could ask about him and Ohkura, Ohkura went fore and greeted his senior.

“Hi Nino-kun.”


“Could you pardon us? We have a movie to catch actually.” Ohkura smiled at Ohno, who smiled back too.


Ohkura took Ohno’s wrist and pulled lightly towards him as they walked away together, talking and laughing.

Nino stood there, with his tears spilling out. Was it really too late to reach for him?

It was Sunday, and Ohno could be here anytime. He walked to his music room, where he shared it with Ohno, since he would used it for his drawings sometimes. He could still remembered how he was sitting at the table while Nino was playing the piano. Ohno was the first to witness and listened to Niji, one of Nino’s favorite solo songs.

He sat at his piano, and started playing it. Though the melody was peaceful, but to Nino, it was getting heavier. He stopped in the middle, since it was painful for him to continue. He wasn’t ready to make this as a part of his memories… just not yet.

He wiped his tears as he walked to the desk to help to keep Ohno’s art materials. By chance, he happened to see his most recently drawing. He looked closely and to his astonishment, it was actually Nino, himself. And when he flipped the drawing paper, he saw a few scribbles and it stated,

“Would you still make me happy like you've promised to do so?”

Reality struck in, and those past memories started flooding in his mind. He could faintly remember that he promised that Ohno won’t walk alone, and that he would try to make him happy. So he had remembered all those promises?

Why did he realized it so late? He regretted again, for not knowing that Ohno’s heart was drifting far away. The dream of being together forever, was it just too unrealistic?

No, it wasn’t. He still had hopes, just slight ones. Maybe he needed to talk to him, instead of keeping quiet for these few months.

The bell rang, and Nino knew it was only him. He wiped his face cleaned and went to greet him with a smile. Surprisingly, he was alone.

“Hi…” Ohno bowed slightly.

“Hi.. You alone?”

“Nope. Chuu* is waiting for me downstairs.”

“Okay…” Nino dragged his words as he followed to the music room.

Ohno started packing his things and shoved it inside his bag. Nino hesitated to talk to him more, but when he finished packing and he was ready to leave, he had to stop him.

“Hey…” Nino grabbed onto Ohno’s hand. Ohno wasn’t pulling his hand away. “I’m sorry Satoshi. I should have realized it earlier.”

Ohno lowered his head.

“ Satoshi, you know that I love you and only you. And you remembered those promises that we made. I saw it from your sketches. “


“I regret not taking the time to talk to you…” A tear rolled down his cheek, “ I should be more observant to your feelings. I know I need to listen to you more… I know… I’m just sorry… ” the more he admitted it, the more he felt the regret.

“Kazu… I… I have to go…” Ohno pushed his hands away. “Chuu… he is waiting for me…”

Ohno sped his way to the door, however just he was about to leave, Nino ran and hugged him from his back.

“Would you just give me another chance to make up all the losses to you?”

Ohno stood there for awhile, and Nino could felt a few water drops on his arm. Slowly, Ohno held onto Nino’s arms and released himself away from the embrace. He looked at Nino with his face wet, and his sad and painful expression.

“I’m sorry…” he whispered.

He ran away immediately, leaving Nino at the door. His head touched the wooden door with his clenched fist and banged on the door continuously till his hands were sore. He then slid down and sat on the cold floor, crying in agony.

It was all too late… His voice would never reach him again.

*Chuu was the nickname that Ohno gave for tacchon(Ohkura)

A/N: Hi everyone! Haven't posted for 2 weeks! I'm sorry! So many things happened around these 2 weeks. So i have my final year project, my mini project, and projects again and then Sho.

Yup, Sho! He is here, Singapore just 1-2 weeks ago and today! Spend the whole day chasing after him and i didn't regret like what Nino did here (>.<)

And yup, because of this, I got this idea.(hard to believe it's angst too) Yup! I won't be writing any sho's report, cause you can view some reports already in lj. 

Oh ya! This is a songfic! The song is from kanjani8's fight album. It's called water drop and the first time i heard it, i was quite surprised how depressed the lyrics were, and that it was sang by kanjani8! (i seldom listened to their songs, but i know they have lots of happy songs!) btw, i am quite addicted to this song recently! and satochuu is the pairing name that i gave ohno and tacchon :D

Please enjoy reading! Thanks in advance! 

Lyrics: Here or Here
Song: Here @youtube

Tags: fanfic, genre: angst, genre: romance, one shot, p: ohmiya, p: satochuu, r: pg
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