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DvM (1/3)

Title : DvM - Devil Vs Monster (1/3)
Author :tensaibaka
Pairing : Ohmiya
Genre : Fluff, Comedy, Romance
Rating : PG 13
Summary : When devil nino meets monster ohno, and the battle begins. Who will become the ultimate winner? Or who will be in deep trouble?
A/N : 3329 words. Character and story inspired by nino's new devil pocky cm. 

To the whole Japan, “Ninomiya Kazunari” is a member of a nationally famous idol group, Arashi. He is very popular, be it old or young, man or woman. A 29 years old man who charms everyone with his youthful looks, earning him a nickname, “Forever 17”, by fans.

Who could had ever thought that this young, successful idol has a big secret, the biggest secret that he has never ever told anyone before.  Actually he is a….

“It’s a wrap!” the AD shouted, “Thank you for your hard work, Ninomiya-san.”

Followed by that was some claps from the crews who were there to film his latest commercial in which Nino became a devil. Usually those commercial filming would take up a day, but this time was fast. It took them only half a day.

“Thanks everyone!” Nino bowed then flashed his signature smile to everyone and also the camera which would ended up in making of video.

He was stepped out of the green background and was about to thank the director, everything around him froze.

Time just stopped instantly.

Nino rolled his eyes, knowing what was going to happen, or even appeared next. Indeed, black smoke started to form in front of him. It became a silhouette before all those facial and body features started to appear. Standing in front of Nino was a man probably around Nino’s age, in black gothic top and a super tight black jeans. He had 2 horns protruding out from his forehead, and his ears was full of piercing.

The man smiled at Nino, which he ignored and walked away.

“Hey! Can’t you just comment about my appearance, my new clothes? Or looked shocked that I am here?” the man walked to Nino who took a bottle of water from his frozen manager’s hands.

“Nope Ren, no comments.” He drank the water.

“You brat! Remember I am still your senior!” He hissed at him. “So how’s filming? How’s being a ‘DEVIL’?”

He smirked like there’s no big deal.

Ren smiled, “I wonder how can you do all these without getting caught?”

"This," Nino pointed to his head. " Humans are easy to understand or even hypnotized. Besides, I am much cleverer than those humans.”

“But they aren't as easy as monsters being hypnotized right?”

Nino nodded his head. Nino took the fake devil horn that he worn for the commercial. “See, this is how human portrayed us. My horn isn’t that long too. And I don't have fangs too. I’m not a vampire!”

Within seconds, Nino transformed from an idol to someone different, with 2 horns on his head, a pair of pointy ears, a darker pair of eyes and a body with his current black clothes and jeans on. He stretched his arms and soon, his long tail from this back stretched out.

“Gosh, this is still the best!” Nino looked at his tail and letting it stretched, “So tell me Ren, who’s the next target?”

“Workaholic!” Ren snapped his fingers and letter appeared in front of Nino. “Here. This is actually a special request from the upper”

Nino took the letter and read it. “Prince…Wait… there’s no details except for address! How can I kill a monster without knowing how he or she looks? I might killed the wrong person.”

“Don't worry, he stayed alone.”

“So it’s a male.” Nino snorted, “This will be fast”

“He is special, so be careful!”

Ren winked before disappearing. Nino cursed before keeping the letter and changing himself back to the normal human body. He snapped his fingers and instantly everything back to normal.

Nino couldn’t help but to think who this prince that he was about to kill next was. Why was it a special request from the management? And why was he special? All these questions flooded his head.

But he could only do it tomorrow night.

Devil, or also known as the demon clan always had a grudge with the monster clan. They just couldn’t play nice with each other, and over centuries, the hate grew stronger that they started killing off each other. When both of these worlds became unsafe, some citizens from both clans moved to the human world to stay a peaceful life instead. However, Nino wasn’t one of them who moved there for that reason. He was actually an assassin devil. He was sent to kill off the monsters in the human world.  At first it was fun, but then, it was getting more boring. That’s was when he took up this idol job, to add spice to his life.

Because of this job, he made lots of companions, and especially the rest of the 4 members in Arashi. He trusted them, but not as much he could tell them his secret. Among all the members, he trusted the most was Ohno. That man was just weird, in a good way. He listened to his stories every time, watched all his magic tricks or sometimes played the piano randomly, wanting Nino to sing. Ohno was being a good man and Nino never met someone like Ohno anywhere in the demon world.

But then, he just couldn’t tell him that he wasn’t human. Based on Ohno’s character, he might thought that Nino was just fooling around.  That man lack of consciousness the most.

A night after the filming, or the night where Nino planned to kill the monster, he was filming his last studio shoot. He hoped time could pass fast so he could deal with the monster prince as soon as possible.

“Cut!” the director announced to everyone, including the audiences. “Thank you for your hard work”

Everyone clapped, including Arashi, who was with Nino in the studio. They then strolled back to their restroom. As usual, Jun took the lead. Aiba was next, trying to catch up with Jun. Since that day was the last shooting, Sho wasn’t rushing for any interview. Nino and Ohno was the last, tickling each other while they getting back to the room. When they reached, they started changing when Aiba suddenly suggested.

“Anyone wants to go drinking after that?”

Jun was the first to reply that he was going, and the next was Sho. Ohno looked at Nino while Nino looked at Ohno. Together, both rejected Aiba’s offer.

“I’m tired. I went fishing before shiyagare.”

“I’m tired. I had been gaming the whole night yesterday” Nino lied obviously. He would love to drink with the rest, but still, his main job was more important.

Aiba pouted, and said, “ you two, better not let me catch you two eating together later!”

Nino laughed as he took his bag and drove back home. As he reached his home, he saw a basket with a pink cloth covering it. He sighed but smiled while taking it back. He knew the only person who did that was none other than his mom. To be exact, she wasn’t his mom. He changed his form to a kid and hypnotize her to make him her son. So for 29 years, she believed that she had a son who was peacefully doing his idol job. Nino was glad to find her because she was kind and sweet. She had taught him the way of life and Nino never thought a human would give so much thoughts to life. Well, human have limited lifespan, unlike the devils or the monsters.

He went in and took a bath, then changed his form to the devil form to get ready for his mission. Nino would have to wait till around midnight. It’s not a must for Nino to do his mission during midnight, but night time made his senses more accurate and also, it’s safer to do it around that time.

Just a minute till midnight and Nino couldn’t help but to get excited since the monster was still unknown to him. The time struck 12 and a sudden chill passing through all parts of his body. Slowly, he felt his body gaining more power and strength.

He’s all ready. He looked at the address in the letter and concentrated his mind to teleport to nearby. He checked around the area and he seemed to be around Shibuya and it was quiet around the area, despite the busy was just few streets away. He looked at the apartment where that monster prince stayed. His tail wiggled in excitement. He couldn’t wait to kill him and boast it to Ren. He might be earn a rise in his pay, which meant more d.coins to use(ps. They used d.coins in the demon realm).

He concentrated again and soon he was transported to a corridor door, where there were a few doors, and one of them with a seal on the door. Nino tsked his tongue as he saw that. That was the seal that prevent him and other form of being from transporting inside. But still, he could get in easily by going invisible and walked through the door.

The moment he went in, a fresh scent surrounded him. He wasn’t expecting this since monsters had a certain rotten smell. The longer Nino was there, the more he felt the smell was too familiar but he wasn’t sure who had this sweet, fresh smell.

The decoration in the living room was simple. Just a black sofa and a TV. A poster about type of fishes was hung on the wall, and there was a frame of fish teeth beside it. Nino walked further in and saw a few fishing rods resting on the dining table.

What?! A monster who likes fishing? Sounds familiar… Nino couldn’t help to think but this monster resembled to his friend, Ohno.

He move swiftly to another corner, where he could see the master bedroom. His tail again wiggled excitedly.

“Hey!” Nino grabbed his tail and gave a tight squeeze. “Stop being so excited!”

He released his own tail, teleported inside the room. He scanned the room swiftly. There were a basket of clothes beside him, and one that was probably was thrown to the chair. A pair of torn jeans and a clothes was on the floor which sort of irritated Nino since he couldn't stand such messy bedroom. He picked those up and that faint scent from outside became stronger and lingered around him. He looked at the design of  the shirt and found it similar or even more familiar. He remembered he got this shirt for someone.

He walked to the table which was just few steps away, and saw a card on it.

Oh gosh, he thought he had seen the card before.

Nino took the card and read. He was surprised to see his own handwriting and name on the card. It stated, “ To you, Happy 31st Birthday. From Nino.”

He was freaking out now. This card could only belonged to someone. He finally realized that this room, or this house, or this unknown monster prince  was.

He swiftly moved to the bed, where a man was sleeping with his hands were resting on the pillow, in between his hands, there’s head which seemed to protrude out from the blanket since it was nearly covering his whole face. His forehead was covered by his short fringe, so Nino could only see his eyes. He never prayed, but he really hoped that he wasn't that ‘someone’ he predicted in his mind.

He looked at that man pulled his down, so to confirm that face.

“Oh my god…” he cursed silently. “Oh my goodness… im…impossible…”

The man who was sleeping so soundly, was none other than the lead vocalist in Arashi, the band’s leader and his friend, Ohno Satoshi.

This is wrong, this is all wrong… Nino panicked. It must be a mistake. This man sleeping here, is so human!

He moved a step back, and tripped on something hard. He fell and made a loud thud on the floor. On bed, Ohno fidgeted around and was about to wake up. Nino had no choice but to use some magic to turn himself transparent. Chanting the spell silently, he became transparent within seconds, just before Ohno woke. Nino just hope that his nose wasn’t working well, cause even in that form, he would still smell.

Ohno woke up with a big yawn. 2 fangs could been seen clearly. He stretched his arms and rotated his neck. Nino tried to stay still and quiet.

“What’s the time…” Ohno muttered before he extended his arm to get the alarm clock that was a few meters away from him.

His arms…. His arm… Just infront of him and the first time, he saw Ohno’s unusual skill, which proved him a monster.

“12.30…” He yawned again and threw his alarm on the bed, he stretched his arms again, this time across Nino to get the bear beside him. The bear was actually the one that Nino caught at the game centre, while they were out for karaoke. Nino didn’t like soft toy, so he gave it to Ohno who was too amazed by his UFO catcher skills.

“Nino...” Ohno mumbled and hugged the bear before going back to sleep.

Nino heard that and felt his face turning hot. He made sure he was asleep before he could transformed back. He swiftly teleported out of the house and flew as fast as he could to his house back. His heart raced and was beating fast, yet he didn’t know was it because he ran too fast, or was it because Ohno called his name just now.

Come to think of that, Ohno had wore the shirt that Nino bought for him. The day before, he wore the other shirt where he bought 2 years ago. The hard thing that Nino had tripped over was actually a book that taught card magic tricks. And just now, he was hugging the bear, smiling in his sleep.

Was that suppose to mean something, Nino thought. But all he could think of was a word that started with ‘L’ and ended with ‘E’.

No, it’s impossible. He admitted that Ohno was very gentle to him that at times he felt his heart pounding, and flailing to Ren that how awesome Ohno could chorography his own solos, and also his angelic voice when he sang was something Nino would never get tired off. It was just this only. It couldn’t be that.. it mustn’t be that too.

Nino changed to his pajamas while thinking, it wasn’t what it was. He was trying to reject that idea.

“Nope, it’s impossible… Devil and Monster… Impossible to start with…” he went to sleep with that thought.

The next day, Nino went into the green room. He greeted everyone before heading to the sofa. He scanned around, and it looked like Ohno wasn’t here yet. He just hope that this interview would finished as fast as possible. He need to get in contact with Ren afterwards and asked him about these.

“Yo…” Ohno walked in the room smiling.

Nino felt his muscle tensed  up. He looked at Ohno getting 2 cups of coffee before sitting before him.

“Black coffee for you.”“Thanks.” Nino faked a smile, hopefully it wasn’t too fake. He took a slip while trying to move to the end of the sofa.

Then a staff came and Ohno started chatting with him. Nino was just sitting there, hoping the shooting could start anytime now“Hey you know, I think someone break into my house yesterday!” Ohno exclaimed and immediately Nino coughed.

“Seriously?” The staff asked, “ Maybe you sleepwalk yesterday and move around…”

“Is it? But I heard something…”

Nino coughed again.

Another staff came in asking them to get ready. They would have interview first before the shoot. The interview went smoothly, doing their normal idol job. It was just that Nino was quiet and Ohno had to talk more than usual. Afterwards, they changed and did their makeup, and they were ready for the shooting. They made their way to the studio and was getting ready. They started with normal pose, standing beside each other and smiling to the camera. But things sure gets harder and harder…

“Nino, I need you to hug Ohno.. ” The cameraman requested, “like he is a big brown bear.”

“EH!” Nino squeaked.

“What’s wrong?” Ohno was surprised by that, “I’m not having flu, just probably running nose.”

Nino slowly raised his hands and Ohno immediately went to his embrace.  Nino’s ears were red by then. His face was burning unconsciously.

“Nino… Your face is stiff” Ohno was just a few cm away from his.

“Oh is it?” Nino looked away from his eyes.

“Is there anything wrong? Your face is-”

“Nothing.” He answered immediately. “Look at the camera before he starts to nag…”

The cameraman took a few shots, nodding his head. Nino wished that he would look natural in that shoot.

“Next pose. I need Ohno to hug Nino from the back. Like what you guys usually do on TV” The cameraman requested and Nino swore that he was going to get him at night.

Ohno immediately move to Nino’s back and hugged him softly. Nino leaned naturally against his muscular chest.

Is he always this warm… Nino suddenly felt a certain part of his chest warming up. Most probably Nino was the one who initiated the hug on TV.

To be honest, Ohno was too human to Nino that he hardly believed that he was actually a monster, and a prince. Not only that, he was able to hide it from everyone, and was able to shoot Kaibutsu-kun without any problem just amazed him. Maybe he was just acting himself out.

But how didn’t he manage to catch him for the past years. Why didn’t he had that distinct smell that most monsters had?

The photo shoot continued on Nino was getting used to the warm when the cameraman wrapped up.  The warm suddenly became cold when Ohno released him.

“Ah…” He let out almost inaudible voice.

They walked back together to the green room. By the time they finished the shoot, it was already 6.30pm. They changed and were ready to go back.

“Nino, are you free later?” Ohno asked while Nino was getting his bag.

“hmmm…” He actually need to contact Ren, but maybe this could wait. “Yea..”

“Dinner together?”

Nino nodded his head, “Sure.“

You know, just recently, I saw my first love again, and she was getting married this time”

“Eh… Are you serious…” Nino laughed as he drank down a mouthful of beer. “And what did you do?”

“I was surprised… but still wish her… Haha! Everyone around me… is getting married…” Ohno gulped down the leftover beer in the glass.

They had dinner at a ramen shop and started drinking. Just after awhile they moved to another store to continue drinking. They had tons of drinks and was all drunk already.



“Do you have someone in mind?...” Ohno asked while getting his beer refilled.


“Someone you like…”

Nino thought for a while and nodded his head.

“Who?” Ohno asked again.

“Before I tell you, you should tell me the person you like….” Nino said while he felt his head getting a little dizzy.

“You want me to say…” Ohno looked into Nino’s eyes. “You sure?”

Nino smiled and nodded.


He gave Ohno a questioning look. Ohno put down his glass and looked at him again.

“The person I like is you, Nino…”

Maybe it was the confession, Nino felt his head getting heavy and dizzier. “Me?” he pointed at himself. “You must be kidding…”

“No, I am not… I have been in love with you since years ago, before we even started Arashi.”

Nino laughed. His eyelids seemed to be heavier each breath he took.

“We can’t… be to..together…” Nino placed his arms on the table and rested his head. “Devil.. and monster… can’t be…together…” and finally, he passed out.

“Who said… that devil and monster can’t be together…”

A/N : Hi! I am back!! Actually not totally back! Getting busy with my RL. If your followed my twitter, you should know how crazy i am right now :P

Well, i am very much inspired by Nino's new pocky cm, thus, this fic was created! I think i have the tendecy to make my story related to monster ;P Though that it would be one shot, but it got draggy... Thus it became a mini series instead. Haven been posting up my fics, so there might be some mistake here and there! Sorry about it first! I will reread it again to perfect it :D

Will be posting the rest of the 2 parts within these 2 days and yes, there's NC scene :D Meanwhile enjoy this funny love story! :D

Tags: fanfic, genre: comedy, genre: fluff, genre: romance, mini series, p: ohmiya, r: pg-13
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