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DvM (Devil Vs Monster) - 2/3

Title : DvM - Devil Vs Monster (2/3)
Author : tensaibaka
Pairing : Ohmiya
Genre : Fluff, Comedy, Romance
Rating : PG 13
Summary: When devil nino meets monster ohno, and the battle begins. Who will become the ultimate winner? Or who will be in deep trouble?
A/N : 2294 words. Character and story inspired by nino's new devil pocky cm.

Nino woke up with a headache. He seldom got hangover since he could hold his liquor. And when he got hangover or sick, his skills were equal to zero. He scanned the room without any movement. This was when he realized something’s wrong.

The room was messy, far messy than his own. Not only that, he couldn’t recognized most of the things in the room which belonged to his. Nino was beginning to worry.

Suddenly, a hand came out of nowhere tried to hug him. It was at this moment, he wasn’t alone at bed. He immediately push the person away, making him fell hard on the floor.


Nino sat up, checking himself. His clothes had been changed as he wasn’t wearing what he wore yesterday.

The man on the floor stood up, and Nino was surprised. The man was actually Ohno.

“Why.. why are you here?”

“It’s my room, my house…” Ohno replied while getting himself on the bed and scratching his head.

Nino looked around clearly. True, it belonged to Ohno, since he still had a little memories of his room. But this wasn’t the only question that Nino wanted to ask.

“Why am I here? What happened yesterday night? Did you do anything to me?” He asked, “Did I said anything…strange?”

The last question was the one Nino worried the most. If he had revealed anything about his identity, he would received a severe punishment, which he probably might lose his job or even banned from staying in the human realm.

Ohno smiled, “ You were here because you got wasted yesterday. Remember, you fell asleep in the shop and I had to bring you home. Since the shop is near my house, and you were too drunk and unsafe to be alone, so I just brought you here.” He pointed the bed. “And the only thing I did was changing your clothes. Besides, you were the one who pulled me on bed and hugged me to sleep!”

“I did that?” Nino gave a disgusted face. He never thought he would do such things to anyone. But then, his subconscious mind might led him to do so.

“And lastly…”


Ohno paused for a moment. “You did say something strange.”

What?! Nino’s eyes were widely opened. “What… what did I mentioned?”

“Rather than that, should you be thinking about us?”


Ohno suddenly got all blushful and shy, “Yesterday… I did confess my feelings…”

“Oh that…”

All of the sudden, his headache was back and rubbed his temple. Why did he had to remind him that confession yesterday. Nino could slightly remembered those scene, and when Ohno said it was him, his heart actually fluttered. Maybe it’s been a while since he got confessed, and also, he thought that Ohno was actually a good candidate as a boyfriend or even husband to most girls. But now, Nino just didn’t know what to do next.

“Are you okay?” Ohno’s hand reached for his forehead. “I think you were getting slight fever from yesterday. Let me get you some pills.”

Ohno hopped off the bed and went out. He was back within seconds with a glass of water and pills. He shoved the pills Nino and watched him take it before passing him the water. Actually, human medicine didn’t have much effect to someone like Nino, the devil. It would make them feel better, maybe for 5 minutes before all those headache were back. They need special witch potions to be well.


“Nino…” Ohno placed a finger on his mouth. “I really love you.”


Without warning, he leaned fore with his lips topping on Nino’s. The warm lips were making Nino’s heart thumping in irregular rate. Ohno then wrapped his hands around him and pulled Nino’s body closer to his. He was getting the same headache from just now again. His head is spinning, his heart was burning inside and he had no idea to react.

Nino pushed him away, “Sorry… I… I need some rest..”

Ohno looked disappointed. He gave a bitter smile, “ Sure… I will be outside. Call me when you need me…” he took the glass from Nino and went out.

Nino lay on the bed, clenching on his shirt where his chest was aching. Now, he not just have to deal with that monster, but his heart too.

It was evening when the devil woke up. He was feeling much better than before. Nino stepped down from the bed and exited the room, wanting to leave since he had enough rest. He still hadn’t contact Ren and he needed to do it soon. He changed his clothes back and walked to the living room when someone caught his eyes.

It was Ohno sleeping on the sofa, again. His head was resting at the armrest, and had 2 hands on top of his stomach. He might be having a good dream, since he was smiling. This wasn’t the first time, Nino caught Ohno taking a nap on the sofa. He did it almost every time before the concert , and then he would woke up with his bed hair.

Nino sighed and went back to the bedroom and got him a blanket. Ohno had the air conditioner on, and he wasn’t wearing something warm at all. He didn't want Ohno to catch a cold, or something like that. It would be so troublesome at this time when they just started their concert tour.

“This old man…” he covered Ohno with the blanket and sat on the floor, observing him.

He seldom had an up-close look of Ohno’s face. He admired his long lashes and thought that it was pretty long, although not as long as Jun’s flawless lashes. Getting interested, Nino started to count the moles that Ohno had, though Ohno had just a few. He remembered that monster usually have 2 horns on their head, which was probably the reason that Ohno kept this short bedhair-like hairstyle for years since it was troublesome to use magic to hide those things. Nino got interested in it as he had never touched the horns of a monster before. Like what legend said, only the Royals have small horns that was barely noticeable, making themselves look like human-like. The older they got, the smaller those horns would be.

He reached for his head, slowly touching his soft hair and checking on Ohno, hopefully he won’t wake up. But when he saw Ohno no reacting to anything, he became bold. He was caressing his head in search for the 2 horns. Then, he felt something pointy and hard.

Oh gosh, is this the legendary horn? Nino was getting excited that his tail and horns appeared. This rarely happened, not even in sex. He looked at the small horns, and smiled. So that was the secret that he had been hiding for years. Nino didn’t even notice that before. That 2 horns really confirmed that he was a monster, and a prince.

“You are really a prince, surprisingly. You don't look like one.” Nino mumbled as he poked lightly on the horns, “You are so cute... You must have a kingdom of girls waiting for you to choose, but why did you have to choose a ugly devil like me… ”

Speaking of the ‘devil’, it reminded his current mission. He cursed his brain for remembering something when he was getting excited. Why would upper passed him this mission to do? Ohno was not just anyone, but someone he knew for long, someone who had helped him throughout, someone who made him smile at every comments he made on TV, someone… someone who just confessed his love to him.

He looked at his sharp nails, just one scratch on his neck, and Ohno would die. However, the more longer he was there, the harder he could bear to kill. His heart just won’t allow that. But on the other hand, if he didn’t killed, he might be cast out from the devil society, the only place that kept him when his real parents ditched him. He wouldn’t want to be alone again, without those friends he met there. Still, he don’t want to lose Ohno too. Feeling so troubled and stressed, a tear rolled down his cheek.

He cried. Nino was shocked by it. It's been a while since he had shed tears for someone.

“Damn..” he wiped his tears and was about to go when he felt a grabbed on wrist.

Ohno held on and pulled him to his lap before embracing him tightly.

Nino didn’t know how to react to that, but hugged him with his wet face.

“Hey baby, why are you crying?”

“I had to tell you---”

”Shh… “Ohno stopped him,” I know your secret long ago…”

“Eh?! How? When?” his tears stopped and his tail wiggled out instantly.

“That,” Ohno pointed at his tail and the horns, “and that.”

“Shit!” he just realized it was showing it out. He shouted at his tail, “I told you to hide!”

Ohno laughed. “Nino. I’ve known your secret, way before today.”

Nino gave him a questioning look. “You mean you knew all this?” he pointed at his tail.

“I’m a monster, and a prince. I have special abilities that normal monster don’t possess.“ He pointed at his nose and tapped lightly on Nino’s small nose, “and this isn’t something not taught in those textbooks of yours”

Nino pondered, before realizing something. “You went to my house?!”

He remembered he had never invite Ohno to his house. Asking Ohno out for dinner was already hard, so it’s impossible to invite him to his house for a drink.

Ohno smiled and said, “Are you mad?”

“Yes I am” Nino got off his lap and started walking around complaining, “First you didn’t ask my permission. And secondly, you read my things!”

“Didn’t someone did the same, just 2 days ago?”

Nino kept still. So Ohno realized that he was here. He sure had a good sense of smell. Ohno then stretched out his arms and grabbed on Nino’s waist swiftly. He retracted his arms, along with Nino, having him back in place on his lap.

“Oi oi…” he tried to keep some distance away from Ohno.

“Nino, it's natural for me to know you, since you have killed my people” Ohno brushed Nino’s fringe aside. “I even know your recent mission too…”

“You knew about it?”

The prince nodded, “Yes. When I knew about it, I was quite surprised that they decided to send you to kill me. I was disgusted and angered by it.”

Nino lowered his head, “I’m sorry… but I don't want to do that to you..”

“You don't have to say sorry to me. It’s not your fault.” Ohno lifted his face and cupped his face gently that Nino would have just melt in his warm hands. “You are so dear to me… I can’t even bear to leave you. I just can’t stop my overflowing feelings to you, Nino“

Nino looked at Ohno with watery eyes, “Why me? You have thousands of women waiting for you back at your kingdom. You’re a prince, a king in years time. You…” he paused for a moment before continuing with sorrow face,”…are a monster, and I am a devil, just an assassin devilwho just got a mission that involves killing a kind, gentle and loving monster prince. I don’t deserve your love, Ohno. “

“Nino, we can change this. I will tell papa that the person that—"

“Ohno listen!” Nino slightly raised his voice, “We aren’t meant to be together. We are supposed to be enemies, and this is passed down through generations.”

Nino felt his eyes burning, and tears fell uncontrollably. Why was he crying again? Why did his heart felt like thousands of needles piercing through it when he rejected Ohno? Why did it even end before it started? Why… can’t he get any answer… 

The same warm hands cupped his face, wiping his tears away.

“Nino, you can’t run or even hide from me cause I will still find you no matter where you are. But please don’t hide your heart away, cause that is somewhere too far for me to reach for...”

“Ohno…” Nino was crying even badly.”I am cold-hearted devil. I have killed your kind, and I can easily kill you now. Aren't you afraid? You should be afraid…Send your men and kill me…”

“No, I’m not.” Ohno held Nino’s hands, “Because I love you. You are special, and someone that I couldn’t imagine to live without with. I just need you, and I want you badly that I will go against anyone who stop me. I promise to protect you, like a knight. I will take care of your heart. Would you let me do so? Would you let me warm your icy cold heart?” he then lightly pressed his lips on it.

Nino smiled in tears and hugged Ohno tightly. “You are seriously strange… but in a good way… and I don't dislike it…"

Ohno broke the hug and gave light pecks on his cheek and continued to do that till Nino stopped him. Their eyes finally met which led their lips together, touching each others

This feeling was new to him, the feeling of getting wanted by someone. He never felt this before.  Was it because Ohno proved that he was worthy to trust, or was it because he had been a loner since young and he finally found someone like Ohno. Whatever it was, he didn’t care anymore. What he cared about was what Ohno was about to do next.

Ohno tightened his hug while having a grin on his face. Nino was surprised with the sudden closeness.

“Nino…Shall we?”


A/N : Second part is up. and as you read, the next will be NC :D Be prepared! WIll be up by tml :D


Tags: fanfic, genre: comedy, genre: fluff, genre: romance, mini series, p: ohmiya, r: pg-13
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