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DvM (Devil Vs Monster) - 3/3

Title : DvM - Devil Vs Monster (3/3)
Author : tensaibaka
Pairing : Ohmiya
Genre : Fluff, Comedy, Romance
Rating : NC-17
Summary: When devil nino meets monster ohno, and the battle begins. Who will become the ultimate winner? Or who will be in deep trouble?
A/N : 3264 words. Character and story inspired by nino's new devil pocky cm.

“Huh?” Nino wasn’t sure what he meant until he saw Ohno was not concentrating on him but his body, “Sure…”

Almost immediately, Ohno devoured his mouth, pushing his eager tongue inside Nino. Poor Nino had no enough time to react but to moan softly while Ohno’s tongue was messing inside him.

“..Wait…” Nino slightly pushed Ohno away.

“Why?” Ohno looked at Nino a little disappointed.

“You are too fast… I can’t—“

“You are so cute…” Ohno gave him a quick peck on his lips. “But sorry, I can’t hold much longer. I am dying to have you, and when I finally did, I can’t control myself..”

Nino’s face turned red when Ohno told him that. He never know his body could make Ohno became this lustful.


Ohno’s face lid up and smirked, “As you say. By the way I am a bully on bed, don't say I didn’t warn you…”

Ohno grabbed Nino and moving instantly to the bedroom. He dropped Nino on the bed and licked his lips. Nino could clearly see the 2 long fangs in his mouth, which wasn’t there when they kissed earlier. Ohno’s eyes were turning crimson red and was looking hungrily at him.

Okay… this is freaky…Nino thought as he watched Ohno pulling his t-shirt over his head and throwing it aside.

“Ohno… Your fangs…”

Ohno touched one of his fangs, ”This? This won’t hurt…”

“And your eyes…”

“I guess your textbook didn’t teach you bout this…” Ohno pulled his shorts down, leaving his boxer on which Nino swallowed hard when he saw that bulge. “This means I am sexually activated by your lust, and when a monster is active, until he gets what he wants, he will never stop”

“I…guess I learn something new…” Nino let out a dry laugh. It seemed the room is getting hot.

Ohno climbed on the bed and kissed Nino deeply again. Nino’s tail wiggled out from his back, and was brushing on Ohno’s body up and down.

“Hey…” Ohno giggled as he thought it was ticklish, “Does this thing always do that?”

“This tail is just untamable when it comes to this…”

Nino let his tail to roam around Ohno’s body. It ran through from his neck, down to his nipples, and then to his firm abs. Ohno was looking at it before he held it and kissed it. Nino shivered a little when he felt the lips there. To be honest, the most sensitive part of his body was actually the tail.

“Sensitive tail huh…” Ohno seemed to notice it before giving it a rub.

Nino let out a moan before pulling his tail back. He gave him an angry stare but was then given a kiss again.

“So cute… too cute…and I’m not going to stop.”

Ohno went back to Nino’s lips again before heading for his neck. His fangs was touching his neck and it was ticklish. Ohno proceeded on by leaving a few hickeys on his neck carefully, hopefully not pierced thought the soft and tender skin. Nino groaned in return. He felt his skin almost tearing apart, but it was too sensual.

He got up again, and looked at Nino’s body. He frowned before he grabbed Nino’s shirt and ripped it apart with his monstrous strength . The buttons flew everywhere and his shirt was gone within seconds. Nino was surprised by his action. Ohno had never shown his fierce and rough side before, and this might be the first time Nino saw or even experienced it. He was sure Ohno wasn’t someone to mess with next time.

There was no way Ohno could resisted that luscious body. Nino had this fair peach like color skin that Ohno could just eat it up. His nipples were flushed pink, and his abs was showing, thought it didn’t looked like his own. Nino’s body was just like a piece of canvas, untainted. It was pure, clean and Ohno was glad to be the one to taint it.

“Stop…staring at me…” Nino blushed since Ohno had been looking at his body for a while.

“I’m sorry, I just don't know where to start. You are too beautiful.”

Nino was blushing even harder. Having to hear such comments was making him happy and love. Besides, it’s coming from Ohno, the man who seldom spoke unless he had to.

Ohno continued, “but I think I know where to begin with…”

He lowered his head to his chest and kissed his chest line before giving it a long lick. He moved on to his nipple, where he teased it with a few kisses and licks.


“It’s Satoshi, Kazu” Ohno began suckled on his nipple, while right hand wa pinching the other.

Nino bit his lips to prevent letting all those prevented moans. However he failed when Ohno decided to bite it. All these was already making Nino ecstatic yet Ohno was just getting started.


“You like it?”


Nino couldn’t denied that he actually loved what Ohno was messing him up. He had never done this before, with a guy, or even a monster. His tail was already all excited that was stroking on Ohno’s back.

“Well, we still have more to come…”

His hands were on Nino’s jeans and immediately undid his zip. Together with his boxer, Ohno pulled the pants down instantly. Nino grasped when he felt a sudden chill around his long, erected thing. Nino didn't expected that to be this wet, and it’s just the foreplay.


Ohno called upon his name softly as he traced his fingers down from the stomach to his intimate area. He moaned when he grabbed it and began stroking. Nino’s tail straightened and got stiff instantly. Ohno continued rubbing the tip and stroked in down slowly before coming back up. His other hands were busy fondling with his balls. His precums were spilling. His breath was getting irregular and was feeling hotter every touch.

Nino covered his eyes and cursed under his breath. Ohno was messing him up. He would never thought that this sleepy-looking man had such capabilities beside knowing how to fish and draw.

“Don't cover your eyes…”

“It’s too embarrassing” Nino exclaimed.

He had never see himself in such state before. Nino then heard a laugher before his felt a light peck on his swollen lips. He took his arm that was covering his eyes away, and smiled.

“You will get used to it…”

The moment when he finished the sentence, he removed his own boxer and it sprang out right away. Nino huffed and puffed as he stared at it, comparing with his own in his mind. He knew Ohno got a bigger one than his and he saw that before when they did showered together during concert tour. However, that was before all these things started. Right at this moment, it was almost double the size, which worried him if he could even fit inside virgin hole.

“You are staring too hard”

“Am I? Maybe I have never seen a size like this before…” Nino teased as his tail proceeded to Ohno’s and wrapping it. “This is for revenge…”

He commanded his tail to give it a few hard rubs. Ohno groaned as when the tail tightened the grip around. Hearing that groan, it actually turned Nino on even more. His voice was even better on bed, he thought.


“Do you enjoy it?” Nino giggled as he loved to see Ohno in a masochism state.

“Yes…” Ohno agreed as he looked at the tail and his own erection, “but I enjoyed being inside you..”

Not only he made beautiful sounds, Ohno also love to use lovely words to turn him on. Nino released his tail and using it, he raised up Ohno’s chin to make eye contact with him.

Nino licked his lips seductively. “So how are you gonna do it?”

Ohno smirked as he grabbed Nino and flipped Nino on fours and his butt facing him. He stroked his butt cheeks and gave it a light squeeze. The tail went ecstatic.

“From the back”

He spread the cheeks wide opened and rubbed the little red hole. Nino gasped when he felt the fingers. Ohno then ran his fingers up and down since Nino was making sounds that was pleasing to his ears.

“I guess we need some lotion for this raw butt…”

Ohno used his unique skill and got the lube that was few meters away from them. He retracted it with a smile before pouring it on Nino’s butt line and his own member. Nino bit his lips when he felt the cold liquid sliding down his ass. He wasn’t sure if he was ready for this.

“All done…”

Grabbing his butt cheeks and spreading again, without warning, Ohno plunged inside. Nino screamed in pain when Ohno entered him all sudden. A minute ago, he was still thinking that Ohno might just fingering him to get ready.

“Kazu are you okay?” He was a little surprised by the scream.

“How can I be when you did it without warning me? I’m going to get you when we are out of this…”

Ohno laughed as he began to rock his hips. Nino immediately went silent when felt the friction inside him. He groaned when Ohno sped up and it was difficult to match with his speed.

“Satoshi… slow..slower…”

He heard his laughter again, and was sure that Ohno wasn’t letting it go when all those thrusts were hitting hard at his sweet spot. He cried when it hit the right spot and continuously. He had his tail wrapping around Ohno’s hand.

“Sa..satoshi… no more…”

“No more? but your body wants it so badly…” Ohno kissed his nape, “It’s clenching on me so badly…”

He then pulled Nino to himself and sat on the bed, with Nino sitting on him. He had Nino facing him and brushed away those hair that was stuck on it to have a clearer look of his lewd look. Ohno didn’t stop humping him upwards, causing Nino to have a new sensation. Ohno loved how Nino looked since it was rare for Nino to give such erotic, lusty look.

“Hey tail,” Ohno looked at the tail, “Grab your master’s--”


Surprisingly the tail released his own grip around Ohno’s hands and grabbed onto Nino’s member.

Ohno went closer to Nino’s ear and whispered, “Rub it hard and make him come…”

The tail started to do what it was told. There was no way Nino could stop it since he was enjoying all these too. It wasn’t Ohno controlling his tail, but actually playing with his mind.

With those erotic moans and skin flipping each other, Ohno was about to have his release. Nino wasn’t doing much better when he had his own tail messing himself.

“Kazu… I am…”

“Me too…”

The tail sped up its movement and Nino cried. Ohno was also moving it a faster speed too which made Nino in ecstasy.

“Damn..” Nino cursed when he felt he was reaching it. Nino grabbed onto Ohno’s shoulders tightly. “I can’t… I can’t…”

Within seconds, Nino came out, dirtying his and Ohno’s chest. The tail was all wet and sticky already. Nino was already tired and heaving hard.

“My turn..”

Ohno’s thrusts was much more fiercer and harder. With his last bit of strength, Nino tightened the muscle around his ass. He moaned when Nino tightened around him. Within a few thrusts, Ohno let out a load groan before spilled the juices that was filling the tiny hole. He then pulled Nino out and let him rest beside him.

Nino panted and was trying to get his breath back. Ohno was back to his usual mood again, however he was staring and smiling more at Nino.

“What?” Nino felt a sudden warm on his chest. He tried to reach for the tissue box on the table beside him., however he was having a difficult time since couldn’t move at all after so many activities .

Ohno stretched his hands and reached for it. He then wiped Nino’s body since it was covered with those cums earlier. He didn’t bother the clean his ass though. He might need it for later.

“You are good…” Ohno continued cleaning his body.

Nino blushed. “You…you are not bad either…”

Ohno smiled even wider, ”So tell me, are we together now?”

“What do you think?” Nino smiled back to him, “Just curiosity, why do you like me? When did you started?”

“Eh?” Ohno pouted, ”Well, it started even before I even knew that you are a devil. And after realising that you are one, it sparks my interest. Then, I just naturally fall in love with you. Your smile was bright and I love your voice when you sang.” He then took Nino’s hands, “These hands, wrote beautiful lyrics and even make 88 keys come alive. You aren’t evil like what everyone said. You are perfect and I love everything about you.”

Nino smiled shyly. “I ain’t perfect as you thought.”

“How about you?”

“Me? Well… I don’t know but I think I am feeling the same as you…”

“Really? I’m glad,” Ohno leaned fore for a kiss. “I think I am getting hard…”

“Eh! No way, I am dirty now! I have a drenched tail and a sticky body to deal with…”

Ohno smirked, “I have a great idea…”

He scooped a surprised Nino up and carried him to the bathroom. When Nino thought that Ohno was going to help to clean himself, he actually got himself soapy and dirty inside.

For the rest of the 3 days, Nino hadn’t returned back home. He had made himself too comfortable at Ohno’s house. That few days ,they went out for dates, and when they were back, they actually make out again and again. Though tiring, but they seemed to enjoy. As expected, monsters had a monstrous sex drive and energy. Nino found it a little tough to catch up but at the midst, he was still loving all those small sweet things Ohno did, not just sex only. He always help to clean him up and never nag. He listened to Nino’s story and his daily life as a devil without looking bored. He gave him morning kisses that usually lasted for a few minutes.

It was the 4th day and Nino was the first to wake up earlier to prepare for work. He cleaned himself up before going to Ohno who was snoring loudly.

“Satoshi..Satoshi” he shook him up.

Ohno yawned and had his eyelids half opened.

“I’m going back home for a while.”

The prince immediately hugged his waist. “No… Why.. Stay with me..”

“I need to change. And besides you tore my clothes few days ago, you remember?”

“I can lend you mine…” he muttered.

Nino pushed Ohno away, “You only have a few clothes and not washed for days.”

Ohno got up and pouted, “I don’t you to go…”

“I will be back as soon as possible, besides I can get my car to drive us there.”

Ohno sulked in front of Nino, hopefully that it worked.

“That won’t work.”

“Then, this will work…”

Ohno pulled Nino to him and kissed him deeply. Nino tried to get away however, instead of escaping, he melted in his arms with those kisses. They would be late for sure.

Meanwhile in Monster Land…

“My king, I have good and bad news” One of the king’s trusted knight came rushing in and said, “It’s about the prince”

“What is it about?” the king didn’t seemed interested since he thought it would be his son playing around in the human world.

“Good news is, the prince has a lover.”

The king mouth opened with surprise. He never thought that it would happened, since Satoshi rejected all the marriage offers that he planned for him.

“That’s good!” The king was delighted, “I have to meet the person”

“But the bad news…” the man had a hard time telling him, “the person, or that lover prince was in love with…”

“Who? Tell me!” the king roared.

“That person… is.. is… actually a devil!”

“What?!” the king was shocked by it. “Are you kidding me?”

“I won’t dare, my king.”

The king was shook his head. “Send him back! Send the prince back now!”

“Yes sir!” the men said in sync before heading towards to the portal to the human world.

“Thank you everyone for coming!” Aiba clapped when the director wrapped up the shooting for Arashi ni Shiyagare.

The rest waved and bowed to the guests who came.

“Finally it’s over…” Ohno whispered to Nino, “I’m so hungry”

“We will get some ramen later and then to your house. What do you think?”

Ohno smiled, “I love this idea. Let go now.”

They held hands openly and immediately, fans were making noises when they saw the fan service they did. The rest of the members shook their head as they walked out the studio since it was usual. Both culprits smiled and waved to their fans before leaving the studio. However, they continued to hold until they got back to their green room to change. When they changed back to their private clothes, Sho figured out something.

“Nino, isn’t that Ohno’s clothes that you are wearing?”

“I was about to say the same thing just now too.” Jun said.

“You are right…” Aiba agreed too, “Isn’t that what leader wore a week ago?”

Nino looked at them and answered them, ”Yea, it’s his clothes.” He sat at the sofa and waited for Ohno to finish changing.

“Are you guys keeping a secret?”

Nino smirked, and when Ohno finished changing, he pulled Ohno to the sofa with those makeup remover tissue and helped him to remove. The rest was surprised by the actions which they realised something wrong.

“Are..are you guys dating?” Sho asked even though he hoped that it wasn’t real.

Ohno looked at Sho and smiled. Sho’s eyes were wide opened by then, and the rest too. Nino laughed at their surprised faces.

“When did it even started?” Jun frowned.

“You don’t need to know..” Nino made a weird face to Jun.

The rest would need some time to digest this news, he thought. This was when Nino wondered whether if the rest were like them, who didn’t actually belonged to the human world.

“Ne ne Satoshi, I was wondering if they aren’t humans like us too” he whispered softly.

Ohno tilted his head to a side.”So what do you think they are…”

Nino stood up and walked to Aiba first, “You must be a priest” and then to Sho, “You looked like a wizard!”, and lastly to Jun, “And you should be a…a mage!”

That 3 men looked anxiously and at the same time, they said, “No! We are not!”

“Okay…” Nino backed away a little, “but you guys don’t have to be so serious…”

“We aren’t!” they said in sync again. “We got to go now!”

The others took their bags and left at the speed of light, leaving the 2 confused guys behind. Ohno patted on his lap, signalling Nino to sit on it.

Nino sat on his lap and pouted, “Why are they so serious?”

“Everyone has their own secret…” Ohno kissed his cheek. “Let’s go now! I am hungry”

Nino returned his kiss before getting his bag and left the room with Ohno who was looking forward to their nightlife after dinner.

“We found the prince already. And he is still with that devil.”

The end… or not?

A/N : This is the last part! Hope you enjoy this whole mini series!

Yup, it ended up with a cliffhanger! It's for you all to imagine!! You can leave a comment on how do you want it to progress and end~

See you soon!


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