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writer's nonsense #102 : It's my birthday / Sanctuary

It's my birthday! Actually nothing to be proud of =.= I'm not used to being in my twenties yet... but i've another 10 years to get used of :D 

3 simple wishes: 1. To be commited to my hobby! 2. To become more mature! 3. To master my japanese as soon as possible!

Let's change the topic. Something that i want to talk about since the past few weeks:D
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Guess what, i wrote all these in the office! :D

writer's nonsense #100 : A huge announcement

Hi everyone! how are you guys doing? I'm so busy nowadays that i could hardly find time write any fics or even read. Time is always something that i have hard time managing...

Like what my title mentioned, a huge announcement.

I will be closing my livejournal in one day time..

The reason why is because i don't have the time manage this journal. So i have to let it go this time...

So tml. JST 9pm, this journal will be deleted. All the post and fics will be deleted.

Thank you everyone for your warmest comments! I will work hard in my reality life now!

(If you saw this, you are really smart! CAUSE THIS IS AN  APRIL FOOL JOKE!Instead of closing, I'm going to start a new series!!)

Smooth Criminal

Title : Smooth Criminal (S.C)
Author: [info]tensaibaka
Beta-reader : chibieminachan
Pairing : Sakuraiba, Sakumiya 
Genre: Comedy, Romance, a little angst
Rating: NC-17
Summary : Sho was given some work to do. And yet, he had never expected that it's gonna be an easy one and a tough one at the same time. Who was he? How naive can he get?
A/N : 3868words. Title was inspired by AnShi MJ performance by Sakumiya. Been a while since i updated one.

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writer's nonsense #99-3 : HJS

(Still not using my 100 post yet! haha!)

Hi friends! Thank you for doing the survey in the previous sub post(#99-2)! TOTALLY APPRECIATE IT!

Well, the coming next 2 weeks will be my exam weeks! so there won't be any update (T.T) Yea, i know right?! right after pools of project, and then there is lotta exams! What a sad life of a student!

Well, cut the crap! There is something i wanna ask! :D

Is anyone interested in Hey Say Jump Thailand concert? Well, because i will be going with my group of buddies(mostly arashi fans) and we need people so we can lower our budget on spending in hotels etc and spend more on goods :D

well, the main motive(maybe for me) is to meet more fangirls!!

So if anyone interested or already plan to go, you can comment here! or even PM me! :D

That's all! Seeya!

PS: uchiwa... is a big problem..

writer's nonsense #99-2 : HELP ME!

(I'm not dedicating my 100th post to my ranting! so this will be #99 part 2 and so on till i find a perfect time to use it :D)

I had been suffering from project!


There's so many ideas, from hot-favorite sakuraiba&ohmiya to my latest fav pairing NinoAi/Yama. But i can't do anything about it! What can i even do with so many events happening!

Nope I'm not going to give up! Writing is always something that i can feel stress-free, letting my brain wander, even tho using lousy english!


By the way! Friends, i need your help! i have a school survey, and if you don't mind, please help me fill up the survey! YOUR HELP IS SO SO SO APPRECIATED

http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/HFV7PZW (Please click at the link!)

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Spiral - Chapter 8

Title : Spiral [8/?]
Author: [info]tensaibaka
Pairing : Ohmiya , matsumiya
Genre: Fantasy, romance, mystery, angst
Rating: PG-13
A/N :Sequel of Monster.2011 (woo!)words. It's been a while since i write this fic!
Summary : Jun will finally meet the 2 men. What will happened? And who's that guy? Ohno seemed to know him...


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cute yankee

writer's nonsense #99 : OHNO SATOSHI

Nope, I'm not late!


It's my 4th year in this fandom(and being ohno's fan)! From zero to now, i sure i grew up to be a better person or a better fan

and also...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SATOSHI!!!(i'm not late! i did wish him in twitter! :D) MY CUTIE PIE!! You never fail to make me smile, even it's a slight thing you did on tv! You must be tired with all those activities around you! But then がんばれ大野智もうすぐ釣り行けるから !!

I have so many things to say and express to you.But it will take months to finish it! So i'm making it short.

I will always support you, my fishing leader, Ohno Satoshi!

Happy 31th birthday!

BTW, I had join ohno birthday contest in oh_no_ohno I did 2 vid for oh-chan!

Title : Ohno, ATTACK IT!
Summary : It's the 'attack of ohno'!

Title : World's no 1 princess(princess ver)
Summary : A message from selfish and bratty Nino to cute and blunt Ohno !

Hope you enjoy it! :D

Monster - One Shot

Title: Monster
Author : tensaibaka
Pairing: Ohmiya
Rating : PG-13
Genre : Romance, angst, mystery(?), one-sided love 
Summary : When his love for him had gone overboard.. He want to keep him forever, and the only way to do it was to...
A/N : an song fic that had no link to my "MONSTER" fic. This is just an alternative fic of interpreting 'MONSTER'
Word count: 3838

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writer's nonsense #98 : SLOW!!!!

HI EVERYONE! Sorry for going missing for more than a month! Work had been tiring me out... T.T

But then, who cares! I'm gonna quit soon! So i would have time for more fics!

Actually, I had wrote the fics already. No kidd! The reason why i didn't post was, the spelling and grammar wasn't done yet! I would want you to read some poor English fic(yea, my English are seriously terrible without a few serious check!)

Please wait patiently for it! Will try to post one today!(if i don't get tired after my work later!)

Hint: a new one shot with the same name as one of my fic!

A little preview:

Hope you can guess one of the character already! Mind you, this was before editing so there's a over usage of 'he'! Any guesses? Which pairing? FANFIC wa WORK no ato de :D

Gonna get ready for work! See you guys soon! Maybe a few hours later? (>.<)
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