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{ 天才★バカ }

To become the cleverest among the idiots ❤

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27 April

Hi everyone, Chie desu! I was born in 27 April, carrying AB blood. Being a AB blood type girl, I am a pure BAKA in nature and my tension is always high!However, i do get emotional easily.Thus, I refer myself as the girl ver. of AIBA MASAKI.I'm also a otaku,or "ota-chan"(since 2008).However, ever since I became ARASHI-addicted on Nov 2008(to be exect,Nov 26), I became semi fan girl & semi ota-chan(my time is equally divided for fandolism and otaku-lism)! I was being JUN-bait but within a month, I officially became OHNO SATOSHI fan girl!
Currently studying Marine time in school, which is so so so not my interest!However, through my self-hypnotism by using NAMI from ONE PIECE, I will try to like it(>.<) Also, taking up Japanese lessons~ Hope I can master it well so I do not need to wait for any subbings~(0.0!~)
Did I mention that I am in love with YAMA, SAKURAIBA, OHMIYA and OHBA(new love) pairing? LOVE THEM ALL! And I have wrote plenty of fanfics by now, so please take a look(if you want to). Beware, some are NC rated!YOROSHIKU!
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